Democrats Praise ‘Global Citizens’ At The Global Citizen Festival: ‘You Are The Wind Beneath Our Wings!’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 24: A video of US President Joe Biden and Jill Biden plays onstage during Global Citizen Festival 2022: New York at Central Park on September 24, 2022 in New York City.
Noam Galai/Getty Images for Global Citizen

Greetings, global citizens! Some things happen in politics that are a bit too on the nose.

For example, conservatives have warned that “America Last” globalists in Washington, D.C., are wasting federal money on pet causes such as climate change. At the same time, these self-appointed moral betters are pushing the entire world into having the same set of rules, customs, and culture. Those same elites remain oblivious that enemies like China are completely flouting those standards.

Critics say that is all a conspiracy and fear-mongering.

To help alleviate those fears, Democrat President Joe Biden, first lady Jill Biden, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) addressed the Global Citizen Festival this past weekend.

All four bragged about the fact that the United States is spending billions on leftist causes while shipping U.S. tax dollars overseas. Jill even went a bit further and pushed the notion that the entire world should adopt left-wing American values.

Via video address, Biden joined the first lady for an urgent message for the event Saturday evening. The festival was started in 2012 and is sponsored by some of the largest corporations in the world. It aims to alleviate “extreme poverty” through global collectivist efforts.

“Last month I signed the biggest climate bill in history, the biggest ever. $369 billion to slash emissions by nearly half,” Biden bragged as a doting Jill nodded along. “This is a whole new chapter for America and for the planet. We have to do more, I pledged $11 billion a year to help poor countries fight climate change.”

The comments came just a week after John Kerry, the White House’s special climate envoy, warned poorer nations in Africa that they would have to sacrifice for the good of the world and choose which sort of fossil fuel they want to power the continent.

“We are not saying no gas,” Kerry said at a conference in Dakar, Senegal.

“What we are saying is, over the next few years, gas replaces coal or replaces oil,” he added in promotion of a transition to green energy.

For all his bluster, Kerry does not seem too concerned with the threat of fossil fuels himself. According to Fox News, Kerry’s family jet has emitted 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide since the Biden administration began.

Saturday afternoon, Schumer and Coons similarly amped up the crowd by promising to look after the citizens of other countries. Coons was particularly laudatory of “global citizens.”

“As chair of the Senate subcommittee that funds all of our foreign assistance, I will keep working with Senator Schumer to fund issues like climate change and improve the lives of millions and millions of families across the globe,” Coons told the crowd.

“Thank you Global Citizens for everything you do!” he added. “You are the wind beneath our wings!”

“You are the greatest,” Schumer chimed in. “And we are in a New York State of Mind.”

Did you get that? Global citizens are the pinnacle of model human beings, according to Schumer and Coons.

MAGA Republicans, on the other hand, are threats to democracy and a basket of deplorables. Democratic leaders have zero interest in representing anybody not on board with their collectivist agenda.

The first lady also made it abundantly clear that the entire world is in a battle against American conservatives. For her part, Jill called on the whole planet to come together at this time.

“From the Paris agreement to defending democracy to standing up to the NRA, we’ve seen what’s possible when we come together, when we vote, when we raise our voices, and work for change,” the first lady said during the video address. “The world is counting on us, all of us, to stand up for the values we hold dear.”

It is not entirely clear what fighting a second amendment advocacy group in the U.S. has to do with feeding starving children abroad, but the first lady evidently thought it was necessary to mention her party’s fight against the NRA. “Defending democracy,” as readers well know, is a codeword for using the might of the federal government against Americans who support former President Donald J. Trump of the MAGA philosophy.

Of course, as America suffers from open borders, sends billions to places like Ukraine with zero oversight, and inflation runs wild, it’s obvious that the Democratic Party has other priorities than improving the lives of the average American or standing up to our enemies.

Well, now we know in their own words, they are focused on “global citizens.” Meanwhile, China is focused on opening up another coal plant.

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