DailyWire+ Rolls Out Black Friday Deals
Black Friday Sale concept. Black Friday Sale text on Sale Tags.
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The DailyWire+ is announcing the rollout of a host of deals and discounts for Black Friday. 

All DailyWire+ annual membership will be 50% off with promo code DW50. Promo code BF22 can be used to give an annual membership for 50% off, granting access to lots of exclusive content including the hit documentary “What is a Woman?” and the film “Terror on the Prairie.”  

The Black Friday deals come as The DailyWire+ announced last week that over 1 million people have already subscribed, marking a new milestone for the company, which is one of the fastest-growing conservative companies in the nation. 

“One million active subscribers makes us one of the most successful conservative media companies of all time,” Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing said in a recent announcement. “It took us five years to get our first 100,000 active subscribers. But we doubled down, reached higher, pushed harder and, just two-and-a-half years later, we’ve 10Xed that number.”

More new content coming from The DailyWire+ includes the release of Jordan Peterson’s new series on “Exodus” and his documentary from the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. The documentary is called “Logos and Literacy.

The razor subscription company Jeremy’s Razors will also be offering discounts. All subscriptions and sales will be 20% off, and no promo code will be necessary for those looking to join Jeremy’s Razors. The company recently announced that it had sold more than 100,000 subscriptions. 

The Daily Wire Store will also offer 40% off all products with no coupon code necessary. The store offers a diverse range of products from autographed baseball bats to “Leftist Tears” dog bowls.

To become a member, click here.

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