Conservative Judicial Group Funnels $10M Into Campaign Accusing Dems Of Endangering Justices
Photographer: Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The conservative Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) has released a new ad targeting Attorney General Merrick Garland as part of a massive $10 million campaign on “how Democrats are endangering the lives of Supreme Court justices.”

In an ad titled “Twelve Years,” the group highlights that Garland once worked with Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The ad, a $1 million cable and digital ad buy that is part of the group’s massive campaign, accuses the attorney general of catering to ideologues by failing to uphold federal law with regard to protesting at the justices’ homes.

“Two people worked together for twelve years. Colleagues. Friends. Now one is being harassed, threatened, even an armed assassin was after him,” the ad says, referring to 26-year-old Nicholas Roske, who traveled all the way across the nation to Kavanaugh’s home before turning himself in to authorities.

Roske, who has been charged with attempted murder, allegedly told authorities that he was motivated to try kill Kavanaugh by the leak of a draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

The incident dominated national news and prompted sharp calls to action from conservative lawmakers, but the close call apparently did not convince authorities to crack down on the protesting outside the justices homes.

Garland, the ads says, “could stop it. But doesn’t.”


“Merrick Garland is the attorney general,” the ad continued. “He should uphold the rule of law, protect his former colleagues and the court. Instead, he’s cowering to the woke mob. Merrick Garland. Bad for the court then. Bad for the court now.”

It will air both on cable and digitally in the D.C. market, according to a JCN press release.

“Merrick Garland has consistently bowed to the radical left’s agenda, whether it’s calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists” or suing states for protecting the unborn,” JCN President Carrie Severino said in a statement.

“What the Attorney General is clearly *not* doing is enforcing a federal law designed to protect judges at their homes, as mobs of protestors continue to harass six of the court’s justices at their homes, even after the attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh,” she added.

Polling released by JCN in late July found that the majority of Americans (58%) believe Garland should enforce federal law prohibiting protesting at the homes of the Supreme Court justices, while 61% of Americans believe protesting at the justices’ homes in this manner undermines American democracy.

The polling demonstrates that both President Joe Biden and Democrats are “wildly” out of touch with Americans when it comes to the protests outside the justices’ homes, according to JCN.

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