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CNN Muslim: ‘Discrimination’ Causes Islamic Terrorism; Spending Needed On ‘Integration Programs’

By  Robert

Asserting that Islamic terrorism in Europe is a function of “discrimination” directed towards Muslims by native Europeans, Rula Jebreal argued for policies promoting “integration” of Muslim communities into the broader European societies. Calling for more governmental spending on programs fostering said “integration,” Jebreal posited her vision of a solution to the threat of Islamic terrorism across the continent.

A regular guest heralded as an expert on issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims, Jebreal castigated Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz over comments both candidates had made regarding Islamic terrorism across their campaign trails.

Parroting the narrative of left-wing media, President Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, Jebreal asserted that both Trump and Cruz were compromising national security with their rhetoric.

“What Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are saying, not only doesn’t it work, it’s actually a liability. It’s a national security threat,” claimed Jebreal, implying that ordinarily good Muslims would now withhold information from authorities essential to preventing their Muslim family, friends, and acquaintances from engaging in Jihadist mass murder operations.

“The most important intel that we have, comes from the Muslim community, comes from Muslim countries,” added Jebreal.

Paul Cruickshank, a left-wing terrorism analyst at CNN, proceeded to hack away at the straw man argument of all Muslims being complicity in or sympathetic towards Islamic terrorism.

“The vast majority of American Muslims are absolutely horrified with what ISIS is doing, and there are many American Muslims who are involved in law enforcement,” said Cruickshank, defending Muslims from arguments not presented.

“Where do [Islamic terrorists] recruit the most? In Muslim communities that are marginalized. Why does Europe have this problem with foreign fighters? Because they had issues, serious issues, with integration,” said Jebreal.

“I’m sorry, discrimination breeds more radicalization,” concluded Jebreal.

“The issue of prevention is connected with integration, especially in European societies,” said Jebreal. “Whatever you spend on [national] defense, you need to spend another amount on integration.”

“Counterterrorism inside [Islamic] communities is made by the communities, themselves,” added Jebreal, implying that Muslims are the master key to prevention of Islamic terrorism.

In examining America’s greater success with integration of Muslims than in Europe, no mention was made of the differences between European states – such as Belgium, France, and Germany – and America with respect to the percentages of their populations composed by Muslims.

I’m sorry, discrimination breeds more radicalization

Rula Jebreal

Also ignored was any examination of variables affecting the success or failure of minority cultures in America and the broader West, such as varying compatibilities between cultures within Western society, anti-assimilationist policies and doctrines such as multiculturalism, and absolute volumes of immigration and the percentages immigrant groups compose of the total populations within which they live.

Last November, Jebreal joined Nick Kristoff of the socialist newspaper The New York Times to credit “Islamophobia” with inspiring Islamic terrorism.

Last September, Jebreal said that future Islamic terrorism in America would place “blood on [the] hands” of Trump, Cruz, and Ben Carson.

Last August, Jebreal read notes as she pushed the anti-Israel narrative of the Jewish state being too aggressive in its national security posture towards Islamic terrorism from “Palestinians” in Gaza.

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