CNN Grills Karine Jean-Pierre Over Biden Age: ‘77% Of Adults Are Worried’
Karine Jean Pierre Tapper
Screenshot: CNN

CNN’s Jake Tapper grilled White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday about recent polling that shows the majority of Americans are concerned about President Joe Biden being 80 years old.

“77% of adults are worried,” Tapper said in reference to the Associated Press poll.

“What did you make of it the other day when former ambassador and Governor Nikki Haley said that President Biden is – I’m paraphrasing here but – something along the lines of degrading before our eyes, and that ultimately, Vice President Kamala Harris will be president in a second term?”

Jean-Pierre claimed that she couldn’t respond to the question because of the Hatch Act, saying:
“I’m not going to respond directly to Nikki Haley.” She later touted some of Biden’s alleged accomplishments.

Tapper pushed back by noting that he was asking her about Biden’s age and whether he had the stamina and the ability to do the job at such an advanced age.

“And you’re talking about the record, and I understand why you’d rather talk about the record,” he said. “But I’m talking about what Americans see when they turn on the TV and they see, you know, Joe Biden’s been in politics literally since before you were born. And like, he’s aged, as we all do. I’m not saying he’s not able to walk.”


“He’s 80,” Tapper added. “I think the average age of the American male only lives to be 77 or something.”

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