Alec Baldwin Takes Swipe At ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Rob Schneider After Comedian Says Show’s ‘Over’

Pictured: (l-r) Nora Dunn as Pops' Wife, Dana Carvey as Pops, Alec Baldwin as Marlon Brando as Johnny, Rob Schneider as Sidekick, Mike Myers as Landfill during "The Environmentally Concious One" skit on April 21, 1990
Photo by: Alan Singer/NBCU Photo Bank

Alec Baldwin took a swipe at fellow “Saturday Night Live” star Rob Schneider after the comedian said the show was “over” the day it reacted to Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss with no punch line.

Baldwin, 64, took to Instagram Wednesday to share a video of himself reacting to Schneider’s comments, then criticized the comedian for taking a dig at the very same company that put him on the show and gave him a platform.

“I guess it must be an incredibly slow news cycle if we’re talking about Rob Schneider’s thoughts about Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton so many years ago,” Baldwin explained as his pup barked in the background. “We started that in 2017 … 2016 during the campaign and then in November he [former President Donald Trump] was elected unbelievably and we did the show I did for those four years.”

“I’m from the school … where you criticize someone’s judgment and you leave out the idea that you had no problem with their judgment when they hired you … and put you on the show?” he added. “So, Schneider brings this up now. And I guess it must be tough.”

“And I know that in the Trump era it’s tough for conservatives,” the actor continued. “My god it must be agony because you got this guy that’s taken over the party. That must be tough for the Rob Schneiders of the world that your man [Trump] is a maniac.”

Baldwin defended SNL, noting that the late-night comedy sketch show is coming up soon on its 50th season, and said, “They must be doing something right.”

On Glenn Beck’s podcast earlier this week, Schneider said he hated to “crap on” his former show, but he knew the way it handled Clinton’s loss was proof it was no longer the place he used to call home.

“When Hillary Clinton lost, which is understandable, that she’d lose,” Schneider explained. “Not exactly the most likable person in the room. And then when Kate McKinnon went out there on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the cold opening.”

“She started dressed as like Hillary Clinton,” he added. “And she started playing ‘Hallelujah’ [as Clinton] … I literally prayed, ‘Please have a joke at the end. Don’t do this. Please don’t go down there.’”

“And there was no joke at the end, and I went, ‘It’s over. It’s over. It’s not gonna come back,’” Schneider continued.

Despite Baldwin’s comments, Schneider told Bill Maher during his recent appearance on “Club Random with Bill Maher” that he’s not a “right-winger” but a conservative. And he said, “You have to fight against this s***,” referencing the handling of the pandemic, the push for radical gender ideology, and more.

“The liberalism … a bunch of f***ing pussies that won’t call bull s*** on bull s*** and the people that do, we get grouped in, like me — I get grouped in as a right-winger now,” Rob explained. “And I’m not.”

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