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After Rescuing Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Tries Resurrecting Disgraced Katie Hill’s Career

"Will you run again?"
Politician Katie Hill attends the 25th Congressional District Democratic Candidate Debate Presented by NextGen America at The Canyon on May 8, 2018 in Santa Clarita, California. (Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images)
Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

On Monday, after having attempted to rehabilitate legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin last week after he had left the network in disgrace last fall for having masturbated live on a Zoom call, CNN launched another attempt to rehabilitate another fallen spokesperson for the left-wing agenda, disgraced former congresswoman Katie Hill.

Only ten days ago, The Associated Press (AP) reported that Hill had been ordered to pay a total of roughly $220,000 in attorneys’ fees to the Daily Mail, Red State managing editor Jennifer Van Laar, and radio producer Joseph Messina. Hill had filed a lawsuit after photos of her in the nude were published, but it was rejected on First Amendment grounds, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Hill resigned in 2019 after the publication of the photos and amid a House ethics probe into allegations of an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her congressional staffers, which she denied,” AP noted.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Yolanda Orozco said Hill would have to pay roughly $105,000 to the parent company of the Daily Mail, about $84,000 to the attorneys of Van Laar, and roughly $30,000 to lawyers representing Joseph Messina.

Hill has mocked the late Rush Limbaugh being awarded the Medal of Freedom, mocked Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s clothing, and blamed “right-wing media” for her fall from grace after she resigned from the House when it was revealed she had engaged in an improper sexual relationship with one of her congressional staffers.

On Monday, CNN’s Brianna Keilar questioned Hill about her current work before gushing, “Before I let you go, will you run again?”

“Listen, I haven’t written anything off; the last two years, well, year and a half have been really, you know, tragic and important for my family and for me in terms of figuring out what the next steps are,” Hill replied. “And right now, I need to figure out my role in making sure this gets passed, helping women run for and get elected to office and the work that we’re doing with Her Time is supporting candidates, supporting incumbents, and ultimately, 2022, we have to hold the House. Everyone needs to remember that. All of this work we’ve done before; all of the frustrations around ‘We’re not getting as much done as we want to; the Senate is holding us up because of the filibuster, literally not of that will matter —’”

Keilar persisted, “But doesn’t that make you want to get back in the arena?”

“Sometimes,” Hill answered. “But sometimes I wonder maybe my role is more important on the outside. So I’m still definitely on that, kind of, figuring it out piece, and at the same time we’ve got redistricting happening. There’s six months probably to go before we know what these districts are going to look like and what districts are going to be competitive. Mine, the one that I ran in before, might not even be a competitive district, so my attention might need to be elsewhere to do what I can to protect the majority. I got time to decide and a lot of legal battles and legal debt to go in the meantime.”

Keilar, still pressing, concluded, “All right. Well, we will keep asking, Congresswoman.”

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