2023: The Year The Radical Trans Activists Got Ahead Of Their Gender-Fluid Skis
Trans flags/ Getty Images
Trans flags/ Getty Images

As 2023 comes to a close, people all around the world are taking the time to do personal inventories — and for those inside the radical transgender movement, some must be wondering if they didn’t get a bit over their skis this past year.

The pronoun police are still active, particularly on social media platforms — as evidenced by the recent viral video of a trans-identifying male attempting to dress down a Delta Airlines employee.

But the pushback was also loud and immediate, as people defended the employee — who said that any “misgendering” had been accidental — and suggested that he should be given a raise for refusing to stop everything to grovel for an apology during the busy holiday rush.

“Hero of the week. I might start flying @Delta again, if they give this guy a raise,” actor James Woods said of the viral encounter.

“Promote this Delta employee,” Dr. Sebastian Gorka added. “This is how you deal with the Pronoun Nazis. BRAVO.”

Another key issue among the radical transgender ideologues is sports, particularly at the collegiate level. This push primarily involves trans-identifying males, such as former University of Pennsylvania Lia Thomas, attempting to compete against females in official and often prestigious events. For some reason, very few trans-identifying females have made similar efforts to compete against males in sports.

Those efforts have, in some very high-profile cases, been successful — Lia Thomas did win the NCAA championship in the 500 freestyle and tied for 5th place in the 200 freestyle. But several of Thomas’ opponents and teammates have taken the fight to college campuses and even congressional hearings.

Riley Gaines, the former University of Kentucky swimmer who tied with Thomas in the NCAA 200 freestyle had this to say about their competition:

“Lia Thomas is not a brave, courageous woman who EARNED a national title. He is an arrogant, cheat who STOLE a national title from a hardworking, deserving woman. The @ncaa is responsible.”

Other loud voices objecting to males competing in female spaces include Sirius XM podcast host — and DailyWire+ voice talent — Megyn Kelly, along with trans-identifying former Olympian Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner.

Gaines followed her public objections (to Thomas being allowed to compete with women) with several appearances on Capitol Hill. During one such hearing, she fired back when Rep. Summer Lee (D-PA) predicted that her comments would amount to little more than “transphobic bigotry.”

“If my testimony makes me transphobic, then I believe your opening monologue makes you a misogynist,” Gaines shot back, noting that the issue with males competing against females was that they had a clear biological advantage that pushed women aside on their own turf.


Despite such cases, many on the left continue to claim that trans-identifying men have no real advantage and are not attempting to compete against women. But especially in the worlds of cycling and track and field, biological males continue to compete in female spaces, often pushing women down a step on the winners’ podium — or off it entirely.

But the cultural reaction to those continued claims — in the face of more and more evidence to the contrary — is best exemplified in the immediate success of the Daily Wire’s surprise-release comedy feature, “Lady Ballers.”


What started — according to director, star, and Daily Wire co-creator Jeremy Boreing — as an offhand suggestion from popular podcast host Joe Rogan racked up views and subscriptions at record pace.

After complaining that no one really made good comedy anymore, Rogan mused, “You would have to have the right people with the right amount of balls. And I bet it would be hugely successful. Do you know what would have to happen? You would have to do one on like a right-wing streaming platform like The Daily Wire.”

“If it is true that only The Daily Wire could do this, then it stands to reason that The Daily Wire must do this,” was Boreing’s response.

Within days, the film had rocketed to the top of Rotten Tomatoes’ popular streamers list — and received over 1000 reviews in the first 24 hours. Subscriptions to The Daily Wire’s exclusive content got a major boost as well.

In addition to “Lady Ballers,” DailyWire+ launched Bentkey Kids — a direct response to both Disney’s “not-at-all secret gay agenda” and parents who just wanted something their kids could watch without worrying that it was infused with radical gender ideology.

“This is the most important work we have ever undertaken,” Boreing explained during an interview. “The politics of the day are urgent, but the culture is important. And most of our Daily Wire efforts heretofore have been focused on the urgent problem. This is a turn to the important problem, the generational problem.”


But perhaps the most damning objections to radical transgender ideology have come from within the community that trans activists claim as their own — the “LGB” half of LGBTQ. Gay men, lesbian women, and bisexuals have complained — some of them vocally — that the trans- and queer-identifying activists are actively erasing them.

One complaint comes from lesbians who argue that, in much the same way that they have pushed their way into women’s sports, trans-identifying males are pushing themselves into other women’s-only spaces as well — from locker rooms to prisons and even shelters for victims of sexual violence and abuse.

In women’s prisons, for example, inmates are literally kept under lock and key. Allowing biological males into that environment puts those women at risk. While advocates again state that the goal is equality and acceptance, the number of male sexual predators who suddenly begin to identify as female when prison time is in the cards suggests that to them, it is more about easy access to helpless victims.

Women’s shelters – particularly shelters for women who are escaping the threat of domestic abuse – fall into the same category, as women seeking assistance in such shelters may not feel safe if the doors are also opened to intact biological males.

But while those issues primarily impact women who have to share those spaces with trans-identifying men, some of the attacks have been more personal. The trans activist community has become increasingly hostile to gay men who choose not to date women who identify as men and to lesbian women who say they are not attracted to men who identify as women, arguing that their personal preferences are rooted in transphobia.

For those reasons, among others, some in the LGB community have suggested that the “TQ+” should be dropped — adding that LGB is based on sexual preference and TQ is about a “gender identity” that may not align with biological sex.

“#LGBWithoutTheTQ shall prevail,” one such post read. “We’ve already gotten the divorce lawyers. We’ll be requesting a restraining order. We’ll have you tried for spousal abuse. We’ll be taking the house, the kids, & the dog. We’ll be requesting alimony. You can keep the car & live out of it.”

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