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Zakaria: Clinton A ‘Centrist’ And ‘Moderate’; Globalization’s Threat To National Sovereignty Can’t Be Stopped

Hillary Clinton is a “moderate” and “centrist,”, according to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. During his weekly show, which is CNN’s flagship international affairs program, Zakaria opens up with a monologue in which he literally reads his weekly column published at The Washington Post.

Asserting that Clinton is being meaningfully challenged by Senator Bernie Sanders from the left, Zakaria furthers the narrative that the contest for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination is more than just kabuki theater. Left-wing media is unwilling to acknowledge that the only legitimate challenge to a party’s status quo is taking place within the GOP, hence the need to portray Sanders as actually having a fighting chance of securing his party’s nomination.

“Centrists are under siege in the United States as well. Hillary Clinton faces the most serious left-wing challenge to a mainstream Democrat in decades,” writes Zakaria.

If Clinton is a “mainstream Democrat,” then from which direction was she challenged by then Senator Barack Obama in 2008?

Without explanation or evidence, Zakaria then casts the Republican Party as having shifted to the right since the onset of the Cold War. Apparently growing acceptance of a growing welfare state combined with growing centralization of power at all levels of government constitutes a rightward shift. No comment is made about the Democrats’ shift to the left across decades.

“Centrists,” Zakaria continues, have been hugely successful since the Cold War. So why aren’t they getting the credit they deserve in contemporary polls and elections?

Because they’re dull pragmatists. Human nature craves drama, Zakaria aptly observes, and politicians like Clinton – who is characterized as a competent technocrat – lack the flair to enthuse voters.

Citing socialist David Miliband – who is described as “center-left” – Zakaria claims that the right “has no good answer” to the threat globalization poses the national identities. What’s not said is that leftists like Miliband and Zakaria view reasonable immigration policies that screen applicants based on culture and values as unacceptable. Readers are warned to accept the status quo of mass migration.

Illegal immigration in the U.S. from mostly Spanish-speaking countries south of the border, the Islamic invasion of Europe framed as a “refugee crisis,” or the erosion of national sovereignty via supranational institutions like the European Union or United Nations – all are unstoppable phenomena.

Accept it.

The continuity of the values upon which Western Civilization’s ascendance is simply not a priority. The “important issues,” as Zakaria writes, as “growing inequality” and “climate change.”

Zakaria presents himself as an objective journalist. CNN presents itself as an objective news outlet.

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