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‘You’re Focusing On The F***ing Pledge Of Allegiance? Get The F*** Out Of Here!’ Woman Berates Iowa State Rep

“When did we start teaching white nationalism in schools?"
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A supposed constituent of an Iowa state representative left a vituperative phone message in which she excoriated him for his support of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools, ranting, “When did we start teaching white nationalism in schools?… You’re focusing on the f***ing Pledge of Allegiance? Get the f*** out of here!”

Iowa State Rep. Carter Nordman had pushed to get language included in HF 847 — which Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law — that required all Iowa schools to lead the Pledge of Allegiance once a day in grades 1-12.

House file 415 – which became law when it passed as an amendment to a larger piece of legislation – requires Iowa public schools to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and show the U.S. flag at least once daily. Lawmakers wrote the bill after realizing that Iowa was one of a few states that did not already require a recitation of the pledge,” Fox News noted.

HF 847 states:

The board of directors of each public school district shall administer the pledge of allegiance in grades one through twelve each school day. Each classroom in which the pledge of allegiance is recited pursuant to this subsection shall display the United States flag during the recitation. A student shall not be compelled against the student’s objections or those of the student’s parent or guardian to recite the pledge.

The caller ranted:

Yes. This message is for Carter Nordman. My understanding that you are the Iowa state representative who included language that requires all Iowa schools to lead the Pledge of Allegiance once a day in grades one through twelve.

When did we start teaching white nationalism in schools? Because that’s exactly what the f*** you’re doing, sir, and you have absolutely no right to require something like that. Our children aren’t proud to be American. Maybe the white suburban kids out in Adel are proud to be American because their rights are afforded to them every day and they don’t have to fight for them. But for the rest of us, who are women, the poor, the elderly, the minorities, we’re not f***ing proud. What are we proud of? We’re proud of our racist history? We’re proud of our racist roots?

Is that what we’re proud of? We’re proud of the fact that not all citizens in the United States are afforded the same rights and the same privileges as the blond-haired blue-eyed ones? That’s a bunch of colonizer bulls***, Carter. And the fact that you’re f***ing perpetuating that is disgusting. Keep that s*** in the suburbs. You want to teach your kids to be a white nationalist, you can f***ing do it. But you and Kim Reynolds are f***ing disgusting, and you have absolutely no right to require that public schools teach children to be U.S. nationalists. F*** you and f*** this legislation.

We’ll make sure that you are no longer going to be sitting in the Iowa House of Representatives; we’ll make sure that you are not voted in again; I can assure you of that. Everything that you stand for is the same bulls*** that the Trump administration stood for, and clearly you and Kim Reynolds have your heads stuck so far up his a** that you can’t f***ing tell where one of you ends and the other begins. It’s absolutely disgusting, despicable, and deplorable the s*** that you f***ing peddle. There’s so much more important s*** that we could be worried about right now and you’re focusing on the f***ing Pledge of Allegiance? Get the f*** out of here! Pull your head out of your a** Carter, Jesus f***ing Christ!

Nordman told Fox News, “I called her back and said I’d be willing to discuss the bill. She told me that she had said everything she wanted to tell me in her voicemail and she hung up on me. Our conversation was all of 25 seconds.” He added his reasons for sharing the voicemail:

I thought it was important to show what we are up against. Some people have a lot of hatred for this country and have a lot of hatred for what the United States stands for. I think the Pledge of Allegiance can unite us all and do a lot of good for everybody, regardless of your race, your gender, your religion, your sexuality.

I believe that the far Left will attach the words “White nationalism” to anything. I’m not saying that all Democrats are anti-American values. They’re not. It doesn’t make sense to call the Pledge of Allegiance “White nationalism.” I’m not sure what the Pledge of Allegiance has to do with race. Our flag clearly does not stand for racism; it does not stand for discrimination. 

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