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You Won’t Believe How Bad CNN’s Ratings Have Gotten!

CNN spends each day bashing the living daylights out of President Trump.

Turns out, hardly anyone is watching. Even pro wrestling gets better ratings than Wolf Blitzer.

For the week of Aug. 13 to 19, CNN ranked No. 8 in primetime and No. 6 for total day viewership, according to Nielsen Media Research.

“The network’s 1.01 million total viewer average in prime time is -23 percent vs. the same week last year, and its 686,000 total day viewer average is -24 percent vs. last year,” TV Newser reported.

That’s right, CNN has lost a quarter of its viewership compared to the same time last year.

In primetime, CNN was crushed (again) by Fox News, and handily beaten by MSNBC, Home and Garden Television, ESPN, History, Discovery Channel and USA Network (which often airs World Wrestling matches during primetime).

In total day viewership, CNN fell again to Fox, MSNBC, Home and Garden Television, and Investigation Discovery, and Nickelodeon (even “Paw Patrol” beat out Wolfy).

Basic Cable Top 10 – Prime time (Total Viewers)

Fox News (2,999,000)
MSNBC (1,828,000)
HGTV (1,366,000)
USA (1,305,000)
ESPN (1,245,000)
History (1,160,000)
Discovery (1,065,000)
CNN (1,011,000)
Investigation Discovery (987,000)
A&E (974,000)

Basic Cable Top 10 – Total Day (Total Viewers)

Fox News (1,337,000)
MSNBC (1,031,000)
Nickelodeon (949,000)
HGTV (737,000)
Investigation Discovery (706,000)
CNN (686,000)
USA (600,000)
History (575,000)
Hallmark Channel (533,000)
ESPN (532,000)

When you’re losing to wrestling, “Law and Order” reruns — and even SpongeBob SquarePants — you’re doing something very wrong.

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