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YIKES: Ontario Woman Arrested With Deadly Weapon While Protesting Jordan Peterson

A woman was arrested Wednesday night, just outside Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, during a rally to protest Toronto professor Jordan Peterson, whose controversial ideas include “regressive” notions on gender (he believes, horrifyingly, that there are only two).

Worse still, the woman was arrested with a garrotte in her bag: a thin piece of wire strung between two handles, which can be used to choke or slice someone, and is considered a deadly weapon.

According to the charges leveled against her by Kingston authorities, it seems she planned to use that weapon on Peterson. According to, a Canadian news site, “[s]he’s charged with mischief, assaulting police, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and for carrying a concealed weapon.”

The woman was part of a 150 person rally protesting Peterson’s appearance at Queen’s University. Instead of remaining peacefully on the ground, the woman — who is not a student at the university and is of an age, 38, where she should be able to retain psychological control in the face of contrary opinions — reportedly scaled the building and began pounding on the glass. It broke in her hand and she was injured, but before she was captured by police, she took off through the crowd.

She was stopped several blocks away by plainclothes officers, but resisted arrest, kicking out and biting at officers and attempting to kick out the back window of a police cruiser. In a search incident to her arrest, officers discovered the garrotte.

Although she was by far the most violent, the other protesters were, by no means, a scintillating group.


For his part, Peterson seemed calm. But all day Thursday, he tried to correct journalists who deliberately downplayed the danger he was facing from lunatic protesters.

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