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WOW: Israel Invents Awesome Gift For Pro-Life Movement: Smartphone Device Shows Mothers Their Babies’ Ultrasounds

Pro-lifers have been gaining ground in the war against abortion ever since women began viewing ultrasounds of their babies; now a new Israeli invention may signal another tremendous piece of ammunition against the murder of innocents: a device that would let women view an ultrasound of their babies on their smartphones.

The Times of Israel reports that PulseNmore LTD. has invented a device that can connect to any smartphone, show the ultrasound images to the mother and even transmit the images to the woman’s doctor for examination. That revelation was announced on Hadashot TV on Tuesday. Dr. Elazar Sonnenschein, co-founder of PulseNmore, told Hadashot, “The purpose is to use it only when necessary, when there’s anxiety.”

Prof. Israel Meisner, head of the Obstetric Ultrasound Unit at Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, pointed out, “The new development has one big advantage, which is the calming effect. Women sometimes don’t feel movement, call their doctor and are told to go to an emergency room. Here there’s the option to put a phone on her stomach and see her baby.” Meisner added, “To prevent misunderstandings: this is not an ultrasound to check for defects or pregnancy measurements. This is a device with the sole purpose of calming a woman down, to give her the chance to see her fetus, connect to it when she is stressed, and understand that it is looking okay.”

PulseNmore LTD. states that the device has been successfully tested in the United States and can be used for up to 25 ultrasound checks. Once certified by the Israeli Health Ministry, it is expected to sell for roughly $190.

Life News notes:

Amazing new research indicates unborn babies begin learning languages and even nursery rhymes. And before they ever see a human face, some researchers believe unborn babies have the ability to recognize faces. Other studies suggest that unborn babies dream during the last trimester and develop tastes for specific foods.