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Woodward: British Prime Minister Thought Obama Wasn’t Tough Enough To Stand Up To Putin

According to author Bob Woodward, former British Prime Minister David Cameron thought former President Barack Obama wasn’t tough enough to deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom Woodward accurately described as thugs.

Speaking with radio host Hugh Hewitt on Friday about Woodward’s new book about Trump, “Fear,” Woodward said, “Trump has made it clear he’s going to be tough. If you look back on the Obama presidency, he just wasn’t tough enough. David Cameron, when he was British Prime Minister, I talked to him about Obama, and while Obama was president. And he said, ‘I like him, he’s so smart, but no one’s afraid of him.’ And you cannot operate in the world of Assad’s and Putin’s and you name the thugs around the world …”

Hewitt interjected, “Khamenei, Assad, Putin. Those are the big three.”

Woodward concluded, “Yeah, and you’ve got to be tough with these people.”

Hewitt also noted an underreported bombshell in Woodward’s book, quoting, “Russia had privately warned Mattis, the Secretary of Defense, that if there was a war in the Baltics, Russia would not hesitate to use tactical nuclear weapons against NATO.” He asked, “All right, Bob Woodward, that’s a headline. Has anyone picked up on that?”

Woodward responded, “They have not, very, very significant. And it’s part of the argument that President Trump and Dowd make, namely that this investigation, the Mueller investigation, is tying the president’s hands in being president. And he cites some examples, and that’s one of them. And of course, that’s pretty frightening.”