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Women’s Marchers Ignore Science, Walk On Melting Ice In National Mall Reflecting Pool

By  Emily Zanotti

The Women’s March in D.C. was, according to its website, “pro-science” with regards to “Climate Change,” but while they might happily embrace an extensive, industry-crushing, regulation-heavy response to their own extensively researched environmental concerns, short-term weather knowledge appears out of their reach.

They learned more about that from experience Saturday when a number of them got soaked (thankfully, though, no one got hurt).

According to The Washington Post, a number of Women’s Marchers decided to march on the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall, a huge, shallow body of water that provides a sort-of mirror for the Washington monument. At first glance, this was a fine idea, because the pond was covered in ice.

But that ice doesn’t stay solid long at 60 degrees — the temperature it was in Washington on Saturday.

Although they got wet, no one was in any serious danger. The water ranges from around two to three feet, and there were plenty of bystanders to help rescue the waterlogged leftists. The Washington Post did not list any injuries, frostbite, or hypothermia among the climate change victims.

The incident, however, did make for some pretty funny photos.

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