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Women’s March Group Praises Terrorist Rasmea Odeh, Calls Deportation A Symptom Of ‘Broken System’

A group affiliated with the Women’s March decided Thursday to honor now-deported Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh on Twitter, claiming Odeh’s recent immigration troubles were the result of a “broken system,” and not because Odeh murdered two people and lied about it to American immigration.

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The Tweet links back to an equally abysmal opinion piece in the Chicago Sun-Times, which calls Odeh an “activist” and praises her for her work “resisting” Donald Trump as part of the Women’s March team of organizers (Odeh, it seems, was part of the group responsible for the failed “Day Without a Woman” campaign). That piece, also, glosses over Odeh’s past, claiming that she was “extorted” into confessing that she’d taken part in a bombing campaign that left two young men dead.

The now-70-year-old Odeh was convicted in 1969 of being part of a plot to bomb an Israeli supermarket. Her group hid small bombs in boxes of candy, hoping to maximize their impact, specifically targeting children. The group’s bombs killed two Hebrew University students.

Odeh served ten years in prison before she was released in a prisoner exchange. She emigrated to the U.S. but “forgot” to tell immigration officials that she’d served time for terrorism. In April, an immigration court marked Odeh for punishment: she could serve time in jail for lying to officials, or be deported. She chose deportation to Jordan.

The system isn’t “broken;” it worked exactly as it’s supposed to.

But, apparently, that’s nothing to the Women’s March, which claims to speak for all women in their opposition to the Trump “Regime.” The group, which hosted a single successful event back in January, has since been unable to hide the radical “activists” who make up its steering committee, like Linda Sarsour — and the radical activist women they admire, like convicted murderer (sensing a theme here), Assata Shakur.

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