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Women’s March Co-Chair Tells White Women: ‘Get Comfortable With Discomfort’

On Friday, Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory, who infamously attended a rally led by anti-Semite and racist Louis Farrakhan and was given a shout-out from him last February, penned an op-ed in the Huffington Post titled, “White Women: Stop Waiting For Black Women To Save You.”

Mallory commenced her rant with this attack on Sen. Susan Collins, whose vote for Justice Brett Kavanaugh ensured that Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court would be confirmed: “Last week, Sen. Susan Collins doubled down on white supremacy and patriarchy in America. Women and survivors of all genders will never forgive her for it. In a 43-minute speech last Friday, Collins managed to dismiss survivors, argue in favor of a man accused of sexual assault, and advance Donald Trump’s white supremacist political agenda.”

Mallory used Collins’ vote to attack white women: “Like many people of color, on a gut level, I expected this outcome. We’ve seen the system (and white women) fail us over and over again.”

Then came some patronizing: “After listening to the senator’s speech, I joked about welcoming her into the movement. But of course she wouldn’t do anything like that. Because the people typically impacted by automatic criminalization are not white conservative men.”

Mallory pontificated that white women were ruthless in protecting the power held by white men: “It’s time for white women who are outraged, marginalized and silenced to stand up and speak out for all of our rights. If Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing exposed anything besides his belligerence and questionable grasp of the truth, it was that the power white men take for granted is under threat. And there are white women who will stop at nothing to protect it.”

Mallory told white women to choose other women over their own husbands: ”We need them all to choose us, their fellow women, over the white men who hurt all of us, but who grant white women a little bit of power along the way.”

Mallory urged white women to “get comfortable with discomfort”:

We need them to get comfortable with discomfort, to check their fellow white women when they prop up white supremacy and white male patriarchy, to sacrifice their bodies and support our work with their dollars as well as their voices. That means showing up, and showing out, but also centering and lifting up our voices and experiences. It means voting for women of color who will fight to end rape culture, white supremacy and patriarchy.

Mallory concluded:

In January 2019, we’re coming back with an agenda to end rape culture, white supremacy and patriarchy in America.Our pussy-grabbing president thinks we’ve given up. We haven’t. Over the last five weeks, we’ve rocked the foundation of the white male patriarchy. And judging from their tantrums, white men (and the white women who support them) are starting to understand that their time in power is coming to an end.

Huffington Post refers to Mallory as “an esteemed social justice leader, advocate and activist.”

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