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Wise Man DeGrasse Tyson Wants A New Government Force, Too. Bolt Your Doors.

By  Hank Berrien

On Monday morning, Esteemed Wise Man Of Science Neil DeGrasse Tyson gave his blessing to President Trump’s idea of a “Space Force,” but immediately followed with a call for an entity right out of the pages of George Orwell’s “1984”: a “Truth Force.”

In “1984,” the language in Oceania is streamlined by destroying words, thus tightening the range of thought so “thoughtcrime” is impossible. It does seem as though DeGrasse Tyson is suggesting that the government control what information is disseminated to the public, not unlike Orwell’s masterpiece.

Besides, deGrasse Tyson has had his own moments in which the truth became a casualty:

Bats are not blind.

Or moments in which he willfully blinded himself:

As The Daily Wire noted at the time, in the years after 1969, we have created a manned space station and probes on Mars; magic machines sitting in our pockets that allow us to talk to people anywhere on the planet; solved extreme poverty in the United States and increased life expectancy, among other things.

DeGrasse Tyson has even gotten fiction wrong:

Twitter reminded deGrasse Tyson how ill-conceived his idea was:

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