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Will Trump Fans Boycott New ‘Star Wars’ Movie?

According to Fox News, Trump supporters, apparently misled by conspiracy theorists and white supremacists, are planning a boycott of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, promoting their efforts with a #DumpStarWars hashtag.

The belief that the film was a dastardly plot to attack Trump by reshooting scenes was inculcated by popular pro-Trump Twitter account, “Jack Posobiec.”

The same site pushes the ridiculous and false Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

The Posobiec site propounds a rumor that Rogue One writers called Trump a Nazi; the site uses a fake breaking news chyron:

The writers of the film, Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta, have voiced their opposition to Trump by joining the anti-Trump “safety pin” movement, and said they were attacking right wing nationalism. Weitz tweeted, “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization” while Whitta added: “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”

But the supposition that reshoots were made to attack Trump is tenuous, at best, as Fox News points out, writing, “Especially since the film will be released way after the election and the reshoots were planned way before.”

White supremacists online have gone as far as accusing the film of being a Jewish plot. As Heat Street reports: reports that has become the “central hub” of the Neo-Nazi battle against fictional characters in the blockbuster holiday movie, who side with Darth Vader and the evil Empire against the fledgling Rebel Alliance—which they call a “Jewish cabal” trying to put an end to “white civilization.” “(((Star Wars))) Is Anti-White Social Engineering,” one poster claims, using the triple parenthesis known as an “echo,” used by anti-Semites to identify Jewish persons and organizations online. “It looks as if the Jew run company of Disney is going to pump out as many of these awful multicultural Star Wars films as possible.”

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