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Will CNN Disavow Anthony Bourdain’s Threat To Poison President Trump?

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain said this week that he’d poison President Donald Trump’s food if given the chance.

Ha ha — hilarious! What wit!

A TMZ reporter asked Bourdain, who hosts the travel show “Parts Unknown” on CNN, what he would serve to North Korean President Kim Jong Un and Trump if he were called to cater a meal. “Hemlock,” Bourdain said.

Hemlock is, of course, a highly poisonous plant, best known for being the substance Socrates drank after being sentenced to death. Death by hemlock is terrible way to die, as described by Plato: First intense abdominal pain, followed by convulsions, seizure, numbness and paralysis, then respiratory and heart failure.

Since Bourdain’s comment, there’s been no response by CNN. We’ve asked the cable network for comment — we’ll let you know if they respond.

Bourdain is not shy about his hatred for Trump: He said last year he will never eat in any Trump restaurant because of how much he hates Trump.

“I will never eat in his restaurant,” Bourdain said in December 2016. “I have utter contempt for him, utter and complete contempt.”

CNN has had quite a few episodes with Trump haters on its network. They fired comedienne Kathy Griffin, who co-hosted their New Year’s Eve specials, but only after a huge outcry over her posing with a bloody severed head made to look like Trump.

The network canceled Reza Aslan’s show “Believer” after he called Trump a “piece of sh*t” on Twitter — but again, only after an outcry.

CNN really hates Trump. A Harvard study in May found CNN’s Trump coverage was 93% negative, 7% positive. “Trump’s coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity,” wrote the authors of the Harvard study.

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