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Who’s Trump Going To Bring To The Debate? Broaddrick? Flowers?

Monday’s presidential debate is slated to be nothing short of a daytime soap opera. While we’ve come to expect at least semi-intelligible debate about tax policy or foreign interventionism, this year may feature a menagerie of ex-lovers, mistresses, and romantic rivals challenging the sanity of at least one candidate on stage. In response to Hillary-supporter Mark Cuban’s threat to sit front and center at the debate at Hofstra University on Monday night, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has decided to play his own game of psychological warfare, inviting none other than Bill Clinton’s mistress Gennifer Flowers to watch the debate live.

Flowers carried on a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton in the 1980s. He was Attorney General of Arkansas at the time. Since Bill’s ascendancy to the White House, his wife and current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has attempted to press the delete button on the past as if history itself was one inconvenient email to be discarded. If Flowers were to attend the debate, it would likely force Hillary to confront her husband’s record of infidelity, a topic that Trump would be more than happy to talk about.

According to BuzzFeed News, Flowers has already accepted Trump’s informal invite. However, that doesn’t mean that she’ll be at Hofstra on Monday night.

On Sunday, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway attempted to downplay her candidate’s Twitter invite, suggesting that there’s been no “formal” invitation extended to Flowers through the campaign.

“I can’t confirm how easily baited the Clinton campaign was,” she told CNN. “Basically Mr. Trump was saying, look, if Mark Cuban is going to send out these texts that say, ‘The Humbling at Hofstra,’ and, ‘This is his big downfall,’ then Mr. Trump was putting them at notice that we could certainly invite guests that may get into the head of Hillary Clinton.”

“But we have not invited [Flowers] formally, and we don’t expect her to be there as a guest of the Trump campaign,” she added.

At this point, it’s anybody’s guess whether Flowers will attend the debate on Monday.

But she’s not the only one on Trump’s trolling radar. On more than one occasion, the GOP candidate has invoked the name of Juanita Broaddrick to justify his claim that Bill Clinton is the “greatest woman abuser of all time” and that Hillary Clinton is an “enabler.”

Broaddrick is another name that Hillary would like to relegate to the dustbin of history. Broaddrick has accused then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton of raping her in a hotel room in 1978. At the time, Bill was campaigning to be a governor of the state.

For years, the Clinton family’s network of lawyers and advisers have denied these charges, dismissing Broaddrick as a lying opportunist. Since coming out with her allegations approximately two decades ago, Broaddrick has been incredibly vocal about her disgust with both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Although the Trump campaign hasn’t discussed the prospect of inviting the woman to the debate, Broaddrick has already stated that she would accept such an invite in a heartbeat in order to confront Hillary Clinton.

“Sure I would like to be at such an epic event just to look Hillary in the face… To remind everyone who supports her that she covered up and attacked so many women her husband sexually abused and had affairs with,” Broaddrick told The American Mirror. “She did it all for power and money. She is not for women’s rights when it comes to Bill Clinton’s victims.”

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