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Who Financed The Hamas Riots Targeting Israel? One Guess.

By  Hank Berrien

You’ll never guess who financed the violent riots instituted for weeks by Hamas on the Israel-Gaza border.

Go to the head of the class if you answered Iran.

And the revelation that Iran was backing the attempt for Hamas operatives to gain access to Israel and possibly slaughter innocents didn’t come from Israel; it came from the Palestinian Authority, according to Israel’s Channel 10. Channel 10 reported that the Palestinian Authority informed the French government last month that Iran was financing the Hamas-organized efforts.

The Times of Israel reports that Salman al-Harfi, the Palestinian ambassador to France, reportedly admitted to French government officials, “Iran is fully financing and pushing the Hamas demonstrations,” but added, “The PA has no choice but to support the demonstrations because so may of the participants are demonstrating against the economic situation.”

Last week, Iran agreed to renew its funding for Hamas terror group, according to a report published in Asharq al-Awsat, an Arabic international newspaper. The Times of Israel reports that some Iranians, who are suffering from the country’s terrible economy, have trashed charity boxes for the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation after a film revealed it transmitted millions of dollars to Palestinians instead of needy Iranians.

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