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The White House Said YouTube Videos Don’t Cause Crime. Except in Benghazi.

By  Michael Qazvini

President Obama needs to maintain a grand narrative of strict dichotomies to sustain his policy platform. White America is irredeemably oppressive; black America is a perennially victimized. Christianity is synonymous with the Crusades; Islam is invariably a religion of peace of tolerance.

In the Age of Obama, YouTube videos are blamed for highly-calculated, premeditated jihadist “9-11 anniversary” attacks on the US embassy in Benghazi that left four Americans dead. In the days succeeding the brutal assault, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reinforced this heinous lie, hampering efforts to track down and prosecute suspects.

However, when YouTube videos apparently help cause violence against white police officers, Obama quickly explains that YouTube videos can’t be linked with crime.

As a result, “The White House on Monday slammed FBI Director James Comey’s notion that pervasive cellphone footage featuring police actions has led to an uptick in [black-instigated] violent crime,” reports the Huffington Post.

For daring to undermine Obama’s sacred cow, the holy grail of race baiting, the head of the country’s top law enforcement agency was verbally harangued by the president’s attack-hounds.

Although “Comey has for several days blamed an increase in shootings and killings, in part, on the frequency of civilians reaching for their smartphones to document anything from a traffic stop to a protest,” the White House refused to accept his expert analysis, choosing instead to perpetuate the conspiracy plot of a “corrupt criminal justice system.”

When the FBI Director “told several hundred students at the University of Chicago Law School the “era of viral videos” has led officers to feel they’re “under siege” and unwilling to get out of their cars,” President Obama’s team dismissed this notion on its face, citing its enshrined strict liability clause against police actions.

To live in Obama’s America requires a certain suspension of disbelief. Down this rabbit’s hole, “White Supremacy” is the disease that infects all racial confrontations, while Islamo-fascism and its supremacist overtones are only triggered by bad YouTube videos.

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