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What Happens To All The Misprinted ‘Hillary Won’ Gear? You Can Buy It Now!

With the holidays upon us (as we thank the powers above that Crooked Hillary is not packing her bags for The White House), many shoppers will be looking for kindling to keep their fireplaces burning bright. Clinton presidential gear from White House Gifts in Washington D.C is just what they need:

According to FOX5,

Despite Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election, White House Gifts is still selling Clinton gear – even shirts, socks, cups, ribbons, dinner bells and other goods incorrectly printed with the phrase “She did it!” along with the 2017 inauguration date – at 25 percent off.

“The Hillary Clinton stuff will be collector’s items,” said Warlick. “And America, when they misprint a currency, it’s worth more. When [George] McGovern chose [Thomas] Eagleton and dropped Eagleton off the ticket in 1972, they already printed McGovern-Eagleton buttons. Those were far more valuable than the regular buttons any way. Only in America can you bring in something that’s different and it can become a collectible.”

Jim Warlick, the owner of White House Gifts, says that the Trump bobblehead is his number one seller; the classic red “Make America Great Again” hats continue to fly off the shelves. “He’s doing very well,” Warlick told the reporter, adding, “It started this weekend so I think people are finally realizing he’s going to be the next president.”

Warlick also noted that President Obama merchandise is very popular with his buyers in foreign countries.

“Probably 30 percent of our customers are from overseas,” said Warlick. “They love Obama. They will buy anything we have.”

But it seems ol’ Barry’s wife is the actual star of that household. “We realized Michelle [Obama] was more popular, so we brought in a legacy line for her and she is actually outselling him now,” Warlick told FOX5.

Exit thought from Biden’s favorite picture on his desk: