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WATCH: You’ll Never Guess Which Disgraced Congressman May Be Plotting His Comeback

By  Emily Zanotti

Now-former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) told a local Minneapolis news station that he’s considering putting his hat in the ring again so that he can return to Congress, despite being forced out of office over sexual harassment claims.

Now relegated to more minor events, Franken sat down for the interview while dedicating the Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School (he helped secure the $12 million in funding needed to build the school, which sits on an Indian reservation, while he served in the Senate).

“I put my heart in the job,” Franken said. “I miss the whole job. I loved that job, I loved the job as Senator.”

Asked if he’d like to return, Franken had a surprising answer: definitely, maybe.

“Well, see, if I say anything there, you’ll put it in the story. I don’t know. I don’t know,” Franken added. “I haven’t ruled it out, and I haven’t ruled it in.”


Franken’s wife, Frannie, added that his resignation has been “difficult” on the couple though she did not elaborate on the sexual harassment allegations that got Franken booted from his Senate offices.

Franken left the Senate last February during the #MeToo anti-sexual harassment wave after several women revealed that the senator had touched and groped them inappropriately during photo opportunities. One woman, a former Los Angeles news reporter, even provided photographic evidence showing Franken touching her breasts while she was asleep on a plane.

After six women came forward, Senate Democrats finally decided to oust Franken. A number of progressive senators now say, however, that they were uncomfortable with the decision given how much of an asset the far-left Franken was in pushing progressive Senate priorities.

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