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WATCH: Woman Seemingly Desperate For Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Wrecks Her Mercedes To Get It

By  Hank Berrien
Popeyes fast food chain restaurant is seen on August 30, 2019 on a street of Washington D.C. - Chick it out! US restaurant chain Popeyes launched a fried chicken sandwich which became such a social media sensation, the company has run out of stock nationwide, leaving would-be consumers crying fowl. On August 12, Popeyes unveiled its latest offering: a deep fried chicken breast on a brioche roll, with spicy mayonnaise and pickle slices. The fried chicken chain said they would let customers know when sandwiches are back.
Photo by Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images

On Sunday, Popeyes started selling its chicken sandwich again after its supply ran out in August. The rerelease of the chicken sandwich has created a craze, ranging from the horrifying, where a man was killed after cutting in line, to a hilarious incident on Tuesday in which a desperate Los Angeles woman crunched her early 2000s silver Mercedes against a concrete post as she attempted to cut in line with her car.

The woman was attempting to squeeze her car between the concrete post and another car, and didn’t even stop moving forward as the side of her car was mangled by the post. She even backed up and tried again, mangling her car further.

The Daily Mail reported that one bystander yelled that the driver was “f*****g [her] s*** up,” while another added, “All this for a chicken sandwich.”

An employee of Popeyes told the driver she would not be allowed to place an order because she had attempted to cut in line.

The Wall Street Journal reported in late August:

Popeyes, owned since 2017 by Restaurant Brands International Inc. and with more than 2,400 U.S. outlets, says it spent two years perfecting its new sandwich. Chefs in its Miami test kitchen developed a new buttermilk batter. They tracked down special flour to create its crunchy texture, according to Popeyes. The same buttery topping used for biscuits was applied to its bun.

The Daily Wire reported in September on an incident in which Popeyes employees in the Houston area were held at gunpoint because they had run out of chicken sandwiches. ABC affiliate reporter Jessica Willey posted on Twitter, “Group of people with gun rushes door at [Popeyes Chicken] on Scott and Corder. They wanted the chicken sandwich, say employees. Employees were able to lock them out. [Houston Police] responded.”

The Daily Wire added:

According to NBC News, the incident occurred around 8:45 P.M. local time. One male, accompanied by four others reportedly in their late teens and early 20s, pulled out a gun and threatened workers when he was informed that they had been cleaned out of the desired chicken sandwich, police told the outlet. “The suspect did not fire the weapon and left before officers arrived. No one was injured, a police spokesperson said,” the report said.

On Monday night, Kevin Tyrell Davis, 28, of Oxon Hill, Maryland was stabbed to death outside of a Popeyes after he attempted to cut in line where roughly 35 people were waiting, according to Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski. A male suspect accosted Davis, prompting an argument in which Davis was stabbed to death.

Jennifer Donelan, the Prince George’s County Police Department’s media relations director, stated, “Our homicide detectives are hard at work on this one, but we have been able to determine preliminarily that this is related to the release of the sandwich here at this restaurant,” according to WJLA. Stawinski added, ” … it’s something we have to question in terms of how we’re interacting with one another as a society, is how does a confrontation over cutting line lead to a death. What bothers me about this … is that there are families and children in this restaurant as this is unfolding and they’ve been exposed to this now as well. This is pointless. This is disrespectful.”

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