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WATCH: Wild-Eyed Leftist Becomes A Hyena As He Destroys Ted Cruz Signs

By  Hank Berrien

Ted Cruz has had his bouts with hyperventilating members of the Left recently, such as hysterical women confronting him in airports and badgering him about his vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh while displaying their utter ignorance of jurisprudence and due process. Cruz usually has a witty response for such hecklers, and their hysteria is usually still somewhere within the parameters of what might be construed as normal.

But one Cruz supporter in the funky Montrose neighborhood of Houston, Texas, watched an even more intense display of emotional incontinence when he was confronted by a wild-eyed member of the lunatic fringe whose apparent hatred for Cruz triggered him to go berserk on video. The exchange was apparently precipitated by the leftist’s rage at seeing signs for Cruz planted around the neighborhood.

The Cruz supporter videotaped the exchange. (For the sake of convenience, the leftist who looked as though he was about to emit steam from his nostrils will be referred to below as “Crazy Guy.”)

The video starts with Crazy Guy, as he heads toward a Ted Cruz sign planted on the grass, intoning, “I’m just gonna take them down.”

One onlooker to the Cruz supporter: “If you live here, it’s your property.”

Cruz supporter: “It is my property.”

Crazy Guy, deciding not to uproot the first sign: “It is your property? Okay.” Looking across the street to another Cruz sign, he snaps, “Oh, that’s your property, too?”

Cruz supporter, warning Crazy Guy he might get more than he bargains for, indicating the second sign: “That’s my property.” (Referring to the owner of the property on which the second sign stands) “He’s a gun owner.”

Crazy Guy, as he reaches the second sign and uproots it: “Oh. I’m a gun owner, too.”

Cruz supporter: “I would like — be careful –”

Crazy Guy, as he walks away with the sign: “If you guys shoot me over that, that would be great. That would be really, like — an appropriate response.” He spots a third sign ahead, walks over to it and uproots it.

Cruz supporter: “You know, I have about a hundred of these; I’m about to put more out.”

Crazy Guy: “Well, all right. I’ll feel better about them,” as he walks away, tearing up the signs. Then, suddenly, he whirls around, wild-eyed as he charges the camera and snarls, “I hate Ted Cruz! I hate Ted Cruz! I hate Ted Cruz!”

When the Cruz supporter follows him, Crazy Guy turns around and charges the Cruz supporter again, laugh-screaming like a hyena, “I hate Ted Cruz.”

The Cruz supporter states as he follows Crazy Guy, who heads to a nearby café to pick up a glass to drink from, “I’ve lived here for fifteen years, not had this. He just went nuts. Tore up our signs.”

As Crazy Guy turns around and walks past the Cruz supporter, he tells an onlooker, “I tore up his Ted Cruz signs, ‘cuz I’ve lived here for 26 years, grew up here, you moved here; you moved to Montrose. You’re not from Montrose. Ted Cruz does not belong in f**king Montrose. Go to the Woodlands.”

Video below:

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