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WATCH: Undercover Sting Appears To Show Electioneering By NJ Poll Workers

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a second undercover sting video on Tuesday from a polling station in New Jersey that appears to show poll workers encouraging people to vote a certain way.

At one point in the video, poll worker Corrine Haynes appears to suggest to Project Veritas’ undercover journalist that she should vote in a certain way for a ballot measure pertaining to whether school officials are appointed or elected.

“So, at the end of the vote, it’s what school type you want,” Haynes said. “Type 1 is appointed. Type 2 is elected. Elected, of course, because this is a democracy.”

“We have elected and we want elected,” Haynes continued. “Elected is good. Type 2 at the bottom.”

When the journalist later seeks to clarify Haynes’ comments, Haynes replied: “We want democracy. That’s what Democracy look like. Elected.”

Haynes later appeared to suggest that it was “absolutely” better if the undercover journalist voted for Democratic Senator Bob Menendez over Republican challenger Bob Hugin.

Another poll worker, Tyrese Wicker, told the undercover journalist that Menendez was “better” than his opponent.


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