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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Slams Joy Reid, NBC For History Of Lies

On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed MSNBC host Joy Reid over her recent claims that her old blog was hacked, saying that “you would have to be a moron” to believe her.

“There is not a single, fashionable opinion that Joy Reid doesn’t have or isn’t happy to denounce you for not having,” Tucker began. “She’s a total star in Brooklyn.”

Carlson then detailed the mess that Reid has created for herself, noting, “It was a total crock, and we know it was a crock because Reid’s blog posts were archived by other websites including the Library of Congress in Washington all the way back to 2006.”

“That means in order for her claims to be true, which they are not, the secret hacking plot must have begun at least 12 years ago before anyone knew or cared who Joy Reid was,” Carlson explained. “That’s a lie. It’s a childish lie. You would have to be a moron to believe it. Yet she’s telling it.”

Carlson quickly moved onto NBC’s pattern of lying, hammering the network over its claims surrounding the Access Hollywood tapes and the killing of the Harvey Weinstein story.

“Keep in mind that NBC, which is passing this out to other news organizations, claims itself to be a news organization,” he said. “New organizations are not supposed to lie. That’s rule one, and yet NBC executives make a habit of lying.”