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WATCH: Trump Wows Crowd With Hilarious, Robotic ‘Presidential’ Act

President Trump cracked up the crowd Tuesday night in Tampa with a hilarious act of being “presidential.”

Critics have long complained that Trump is not presidential, with him lashing out on Twitter and committing protocol violations abroad (like when he dared walked in front of the Queen of England).

So during his hour-long stemwinder in a packed arena at the Florida State Fairgrounds, Trump said it is a “lot easier to act presidential than to do what I do.”

“Anybody can act presidential,” he said. Then he walked stiffly away from the microphone, miming a robot.

“Ladies and gentleman of the state of Florida,” he said in a monotone voice with an expressionless, “thank you very much for being here.”

Then, with perfect comedic timing and the same robotic voice, Trump said, “You are tremendous people. I will leave now because I am boring you to death, thank you.” He walked off in a comic way, shuffling his feet, then returned to the mic and waved his hands dismissively at the crowd, which roared.

“I used to tell them all the time, the fake news, I’d say, ‘I can be more presidential than any president in history except for possibly Abe Lincoln with the big hat,'” Trump said.

But he gave Lincoln props.

“Abe looked pretty presidential, right?” he said. “He’s tough. I admit it, Abe Lincoln is tough, but we love Abe Lincoln.”

Take a look below.

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