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WATCH: Trevor Noah Slams Peter Strzok’s ‘Bullsh*t’ GoFundMe Page

By  Ryan Saavedra

Trevor Noah slammed recently fired FBI agent Peter Strzok for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars on a “bullsh*t” GoFundMe Page while there are cancer patients who are trying to raise money for their chemotherapy treatments.

The Comedy Central host played a news segment that reported on Strzok setting up the GoFundMe Page to collect money for his legal bills and then increasing the amount of money that he needed to raise on the page from $150,000 to $350,000 to $500,000.

“Okay, first off, this is some bullsh*t we have to address about GoFundMes in general,” Noah said. “How do people say, ‘this is the amount I need,’ and then change the amount when they get it. That’s not a thing.”

“Because seriously, half a million dollars on a GoFundMe just for hating Donald Trump,” Noah continued. “There are cancer patients on that site that are like, ‘Hey! We hate him too, can you help me pay for my treatment?'”

Strzok was fired this week after the release of months of damaging text messages showing his overt bias against President Donald Trump, written while he was investigating him.


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