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WATCH: Transgender Speaking Against Teaching Kids Gender Identity Triggers Alleged Antifa Member To Go Crazy
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During a speech at the University of British Columbia by Jenn Smith, who is transgender but opposes teaching children about sexual orientation and gender identity, an alleged member of Antifa went crazy, rushing out, striking an innocent bystander and ending up being detained by police while screaming hysterically.

Smith was speaking on “how transgender politics in school and society is undermining our freedom and harming women and children” as protesters were outside. A fire alarm sounded, and as it rang out the Antifa member bolted out of her seat and up the stairs. Smith said of the alleged Antifa member, “I think the original intent was to go after me but she got spooked by RCMP near me and instead charged out of the building and flailed at the man at the back. This is a pattern of harassment. When I did my Vancouver Island tour I had a group of apparently professional protesters following me from town to town causing disruptions.”

Prior to the event, Smith had written:

After five different venues canceled my scheduled talks recently due to slander and harassment from dishonest LGBTQ protesters and activists such as Morgane Oger, my presentation at UBC Sunday night (June 23, at 6:45pm until 8:45pm) will go ahead. Despite UBC raising the security costs on my event from $500 to $1400 including taxes (bringing our overall costs for the venue and other expenses to over $3000), I was able, in conjunction with the Canadian Christian Lobby and generous supporters, to raise enough money (with pledges) to pay for most of the additional security costs. We are very grateful to everybody who stepped up to help make sure this event happens, and very discouraged by those trying to silence free speech.

I would like to note that I regard the increased security fees as very unfair and unjust. I have given talks all over BC and I have never caused problems or damage to property. It is only the protesters who come out and behave badly in order to get my talks shut down that are the problem. These protesters are using (literally) the same opposition silencing tactics that were used by the brown shirt storm troopers in pre-Nazi Germany. This should alarm everybody.

Before Smith‘s event at UBC, the Association of Administrative Professional Staff at UBC (AAPS) wrote to UBC president Santa Ono decrying the university’s permission for Smith to speak. AAPS executive director Joey Hansen stated that the members were worried about “the University’s decision to serve as a platform for bigoted, anti-transgender hate speech.”

Smith’s events at Douglas College in New Westminster and Trinity Western University in Langley were both canceled after the schools found out about the nature of the events. The Douglas College event was scheduled for June 8. After it was canceled, Smith wrote, “What we are seeing today is a complete collapse of freedom of speech, while the institutions traditionally tasked with protecting free speech completely abrogate their responsibilities. The media and our institutions of higher learning are now complicit in what is essentially a quasi-fascistic attempt to silence all dissenting views on a subject that involves not only women’s rights, the well-being of our most vulnerable children, but freedom itself, hence the title of my talk.”

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