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WATCH: ‘Trafficker-in-Chief’: GOP Rep Who Visited Border Rips Biden
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After traveling to the southern border with other Republican members of Congress and seeing the humanitarian crisis in person, Florida Rep. Kat Cammack (R) blasted President Biden, referring to him as the “Trafficker-in-Chief” and saying she “can’t even in good conscience call President Biden ‘president.’”

Fox News’ “The Story” host Martha MacCallum asked Cammack, “You hear Congresswoman (Veronica) Escobar (D-TX) saying there’s a better way to do this; do you agree with her on that?”

“There’s a better way to do this,” Cammack replied. “It’s what the Trump administration was doing. It was the most humane, compassionate and normal way for putting Americans first, our national security first. And I would challenge Representative Escobar to actually call this what it is, a crisis. It’s not a situation. This is a crisis. Just 24 hours ago I was there in Mission, Texas, and I saw firsthand young girls under the age of 10 that had been gang-raped. They had been screaming so loud that their vocal cords had given out. This is a humanitarian crisis. And I can’t even in good conscience call President Biden ‘president,’ I have to call him ‘trafficker-in-chief’ because these kids are being trafficked.”

“And the fact that my Democrat colleagues won’t even call this a situation that is a crisis?” she continued. “They have to call it anything but: it’s a ‘challenge,’ it’s a ‘situation.’ It’s not an emergency in their book; it’s a ‘situation.’ When you have 20,000 children in custody and the border patrol agents are stretched thin to the max and we’re watching cartel members taunt our border patrol agents as they’re sending these children under six years old across the river by themselves, this is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. And so, let’s start by calling it what it is. But beyond that, we need to reinstate the MPP, the Migrant Protection Protocol. We need to extend Title 45. These are all things that are going to help border patrol agents on the ground and actually deliver a humane response to this crisis that’s unfolding. That’s where we can start.”

Among the Trump immigration policies that Biden has reversed is the “remain in Mexico” policy, which required immigrants to remain in Mexico while undergoing the legal process to enter the U.S. Biden also immediately shut down building the border wall and has imposed policies that have reduced deportations and arrest by immigration authorities.

“Last month, 170,200 migrants were apprehended crossing the southern border illegally,” The Daily Mail reported. “March also saw the most migrant children crossing the border in history, with 18,890 unaccompanied minors being taken into cramped shelters. The previous record was around 11,000 back in May 2019.”

On Thursday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise stated on Fox & Friends, “’I’ve talked to a lot of people that have been on the ground, it is beyond a disaster. What they’ve done not only to these border towns, the mayors, you hear them, Democrat and Republican, expressing outrage over what President Biden created.”

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