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WATCH: Store Owner Held at Gunpoint Waits for the Perfect Time to Strike Back

Chicago, or “Chi-Raq,” as Spike Lee refers to it, is a place full of peace and harmony with no need of guns or self-protection because after decades of being run by liberal Democrats, they’ve replaced poverty and violence with rainbows and unicorns.

Case in point, the security camera footage above posted a few days ago showing a young Chicago business owner tending to his cell-phone store, when a man walks in pretending to be interested in purchasing a new device. Things turn ugly in a hurry when the assailant pulls a gun on the clerk, hands him a bag, and then directs him to the back office.

Following the criminal’s instructions, the worker then heads back out front to the glass cases and starts putting the display phones in the bag at gunpoint. As they make their way to register, the worker sees the criminal distracted by the cash that’s being unloaded, and seizes the moment to attack the robber, jumping on top of him and repeatedly punching him in the face. Luckily he also manages to take the gun from the criminal.

The thief then retreats to the back office for cover. Realizing he was trapped and the store owner was calling the cops, the criminal makes a run for the front door, but is stopped by the owner once again. The flighting continued, with thief eventually pulling his way to the entrance, but the store owner, with gun in hand, holds onto the the thief’s neck as they make their way onto the street.

Unfortunately that’s where the video ends, and we’re left only hoping the store owner continued subduing the robber until police arrived. At least we know for sure that the criminal left gun-less, cell-phone-less, and with his tail tucked between his thugged-out legs.

Exit thought by Philosoraptor…