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WATCH: Shapiro Slams ‘Pantywaist Fascists’ on The Kelly File

By  Robert Kraychik

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro joined Fox News’ Megyn Kelly to discuss recent events regarding the suppression of freedom of speech and expression on university campuses. Shapiro described the cultivation of a hypersensitive culture of the perpetually offended.

“The selectively offended get to run the rest of the country,” said Shapiro. “We’re creating a society of pantywaist fascists. What we are creating is a group of people who are oversensitive to everything that are willing to call the cops as soon as they are offended.”

Nomiki Konst was invited to be the left-wing foil to Shapiro. Defending the crackdown on free speech and expression, she stated that behaviors deemed offensive by “marginalized” minorities should be acknowledged as offensive, and therefore ceased. She continued, “These things are not for the people who are doing it to determine; it is for those who feel hurt.”

Konst having just argued that we should surrender the First Amendment’s spirit to the heckler’s veto, Kelly replied with incredulity, “That’s fantastic, you can’t wear the Halloween costume you want unless no one finds it offensive?”

But Konst doubled down, “When a community of people that has been perpetually marginalized at institutions across America over history feels offended, we should acknowledge that, and I think that these protests are a reflection of a community of minorities that feel unacknowledged and not respected.”

In response to Shapiro’s recent piece on events at the University of Missouri, Konst turned to him and said, “I was shocked by the language you used.”

After implying that Shapiro and Kelly were engaging in “victim-blaming,” Konst did her best Miss America impression, stating, “We should be ridding the world of bigotry.”

Kelly quipped, “I love that Utopia.”

Stealing the last word, Shapiro said, “They literally just fired a white guy for being a white guy, and he’s the victim.”

Shapiro’s facial expressions throughout Konst’s defense of PC fascism are probably the most entertaining aspect of the entire exchange.

Just before Halloween, Yale University’s Intercultural Affairs Committee sent out an email asking students to avoid anything that, “disrespects, alienates, or ridicules segments of our population based on race, nationality, religious belief or gender expression.”

The email elicited a defense of freedom of speech and expression by one of the university’s lecturers. Ericka Christakis composed an open letter to this end which incited leftist apoplexy. Her husband, Nicholas Christakis, was shouted and cursed at by belligerent students on campus while respectfully defending his wife’s position.

Watch what happened below:

Even worse was the mass email sent out by the University of Missouri Police asking students to record and report incidents of “hateful and hurtful” speech. The email stated, “While cases of hurtful and hateful speech are not crimes, if the individuals identified are students MU’s office of student conduct can take disciplinary action.” The university also asked students to provide license plates and vehicle descriptions of those believed to be engaging in such speech.

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