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WATCH: Shapiro On Masterpiece Cakeshop: ‘Tremendous Act Of Governmental Tyranny’

Speaking on Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro was asked to comment about the implications of the vital case the Supreme Court is currently considering, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, in which Jack Phillips, a Christian baker in Colorado, declined to decorate a wedding cake for a gay couple because of his deeply-held Christian beliefs. Shapiro pointed out that the case did not revolve around freedom of religion but rather freedom of speech and freedom of association. He then fired off a blunt hypothetical question to leftists who wanted to impose their tyranny on those with deeply-held religious beliefs, as seen below.

Shapiro began:

This case really isn’t even about freedom of religion; it really just is about freedom of speech and freedom of association. So in this particular case the baker not only was willing to make a cake for the same-sex couple, he was willing to make a cake for the wedding. He just wasn’t willing to decorate it with pro same-sex marriages. He also won’t decorate cakes for divorce cases; he won’t decorate cakes for Halloween, for example.

He continued:

This has nothing to do with religion. The question is: “In your business, are you allowed to decide how you wish to use your skills and for which events you wish to use your skills?” The question I would ask to everyone on the Left, who opposes this baker, and this is really a tremendous act of governmental tyranny, what I would ask people on the Left is: Let’s say that you are a Barack Obama acolyte; you love the guy, and you write speeches for him, you’re a speechwriter for President Obama.

Can I walk into your business tomorrow and say, “I now need you to write speeches for President Trump and it doesn’t matter if you like President Trump. The fact is, I have an equal access to your services, and you should be able to use your artistry for President Trump, otherwise you’re discriminating.” If you don’t like that idea, you shouldn’t like the idea of forcing a religious baker to violate his religious principles and violate his free speech in order to please you.

Video below: