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WATCH: Shapiro Gives Fiery, Unprecedented Assault On Abortion On His Fox News Special

On Sunday, at the conclusion of the latest edition of The Ben Shapiro Election Special on the Fox News Network, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro used the last segment of the show to mount a powerful assault on abortion that was unlike any seen on a network news show before. Shapiro showed pictures from ultrasounds and illustrations of babies at various stages in utero to support his case, aware that when women see ultrasounds of the babies they are carrying, they are much less likely to consider having an abortion.

Shapiro began by citing the fact that the reason Democrats had launched their malignant attack on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court was that they viewed him as anti-abortion. He stated:

In all of the chaos regarding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, we should remember one simple fact: if Kavanaugh were pro-choice, he would have been confirmed with 100 votes. He’s clearly not an advocate for abortion, but Democrats didn’t have the votes to stop him so instead, Democrats decided to slander him as a gang rapist. Remember, Democratic opposition to Kavanaugh started not with Christine Blasey Ford, but with women in Handmaid’s Tale outfits occupying the Senate confirmation hearing room, and pro-abortion protesters being dragged out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Shapiro segued to the campaign from abortion factory Planned Parenthood that targeted Kavanaugh:

It’s not a shock that Planned Parenthood, the organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of abortions per year, openly threatens senators in poetry: “Roses are red, violets are blue, Senators vote NO on #Kavanaugh, Or else we’re coming for you. #National Poetry Day #Stop Kavanaugh.”

Now that’s romance.

He spoke of the centrality of abortion to the Left: “Abortion to the vast majority of the political left is a sacrament. It’s not merely a political issue, it is a defining character issue. If you are pro-abortion, you’re a good, generous, decent person who values women. If you are pro-life, you are an evil, repressive, nasty person who wants to control women’s bodies. It’s that view that leads to incidents like this one, in which a pro-life advocate was kicked in the face by a pro-abortion nutcase this week.” Shapiro then played the video of the attack.

Shapiro asserted that the word “abortion” is itself a euphemism used to ignore the barbarity of the procedure: “The pro-abortion movement suggests that pro-lifers are extreme. In reality, the extreme position on abortion is held by the Democratic Party. Their platform calls for legal abortion all the way until point of birth. But pro-abortion extremists get away with their rhetoric because they use euphemistic language to describe what exactly abortion is. In fact, the word abortion is itself a euphemism. The procedure of abortion isn’t an anodyne polyp removal; it involves doing terminal violence to an unborn child. Ignoring that fact allows abortion advocates to avoid looking reality directly in the face.”

Then Shapiro got down to brass tacks:

So, for just a few moments, let’s look reality in the face. This is a picture of a 19-week-old baby. This is a human child; this is not a ball of goo; this is not a cluster of cells. In January, 44 Democrats in the United States Senate voted not to protect the rights of babies older than this unborn child. Only three Democrats — Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly, and Bob Casey voted to protect children at 20 weeks. Only two Republicans voted against such protection, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Take a good look at that baby. That is a human being with zero rights, according to the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

He continued:

And human life doesn’t begin at 20 weeks. This is a picture of a baby at 12 weeks — barely three months. You can see this baby with his hands near his chest, this is not a cluster of cells; this is not a ball of goo. His genitalia have already been formed; his liver and spleen produce red blood cells. This is an unborn human being. Not a single, federally elected Democrat would vote for an abortion ban that would protect this baby’s life.

And life doesn’t begin at 14 weeks. This is a picture of an unborn human being at eight weeks. You can identify the head of this unborn human; you can see where the small buds are forming for arms and legs, but guess what, life doesn’t begin at eight weeks either. It begins at fertilization, when a new human life is formed. A new human being with its own DNA. This human being is not its mother; it is not its father; it is not a polyp.

Shapiro pointed out succinctly, “If we found a human embryo on another planet, the headlines would rightly scream, ‘Human Life Found On Mars.’”

Shapiro then reached the apex of his argument:

Human life is a continuous process of growth, from the moment of fertilization onward. Abortion is the killing of this human life. The later the abortion takes place, the more brutal the procedure, but no matter the brutality of the procedure, it is obvious that abortion is not some mere optional surgery to be performed for convenience. And it’s even more obvious that those who want to protect the lives of the unborn aren’t trying to control women’s bodies.

Those who cherish abortion are trying to control and dismember the bodies of the unborn. Think about that next time you see a radical feminist in a Handmaid’s Tale outfit suggesting that you’d better respect her right to carve apart an unborn baby in the womb or you’re some sort of fascist.

No more euphemisms.

Video below:

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