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WATCH: Shapiro On Fox: Democrats ‘Will Go After Anyone With Any Tool At Their Disposal And Due Process Be Damned’

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On Thursday morning’s Fox & Friends, asked by host Steve Doocy what he thought about Democrats’ recent rhetoric targeting Republicans, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro replied, “They will go after anyone with any tool at their disposal and due process be damned.”

Doocy began by asking what Shapiro thought about President Trump’s roughly 45-minute summary of recent events on Thursday. He replied:

First of all, the president, obviously, is very optimistic and in a pretty good mood about the elections, which is, I think, telling about where the Republican Party is going into election 2018. The polls in the Senate are much stronger for the Republicans than they were even two weeks ago. Also, obviously, you have to take note of the president’s comments about Gary Cohn, about Attorney General Sessions, and his comments about Saudi Arabia, which, I think are pretty much on the money at this point. The president needs to know what happened with regard to this journalist and then he needs to take action; I think the president knows that. So, there’s a lot there; I’m still sort of unpacking it in my head, as I’m sure everyone is who listened to that.

Doocy commented, “It’s very clear that when he was talking about the comments from Eric Holder, where Eric Holder, when he was stumping for that gubernatorial Democrat down in Georgia, where he said the go low, go high, we kick ‘em business, the president is worried about the rhetoric going on in this country right now.”

Shapiro noted that Trump has used strong rhetoric himself, but what the Democrats were practicing was beyond that:

Yeah, and you know Democrats are responding by saying that the president has used some rhetoric of his own, which I think, is actually somewhat fair, but the fact is that Democrats have been doing this for years, and right now we’re in a very volatile moment, and for Democrats who’ve complained about President Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail in 2016 to now being engaging in rhetoric which I think is as bad or significantly worse than that rhetoric, that’s — listen, I do think that it’s a problem. It really is a problem. You’re seeing them literally encourage people to go confront people in public places. You had Mazie Hirono on CNN suggesting that when people are confronted by mobs in public places, maybe that’s okay because of white supremacy or something and Hillary Clinton suggesting that civility with the Republican Party is not only unnecessary but counterproductive. Is any of that good for the country? Certainly not.

Host Brian Kilmeade referred to the effect the Kavanaugh hearings had on the electorate, pointing out there are three-and-a-half weeks until election day . He asked, “What do you think changed and does it sustain?”

Shapiro answered bluntly, “Well, what I think changed is that the Left really bared its fangs. The Left showed what it’s going to be if it ever gets power. I think Lindsey Graham’s speech in the Judiciary Committee basically summed up the Republican platform for 2018, which is, these people cannot have power, because when they do have power imagine how they’re going to go after anyone they disagree with. And it doesn’t matter if it’s President Trump or if it’s Justice Kavanaugh; they will go after anyone with any tool at their disposal and due process be damned. That’s the feeling a lot of Republicans across the country have, which is why you’ve seen a huge spike for Republicans across all of these Senate races from Arizona to Texas.”

Video below:

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