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WATCH: Shapiro Fires Back At Democrats Accusing Trump Of ‘Incitement’

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Speaking with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Monday night , Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro slammed the Democrats who accused President Trump of “incitement” for targeting Representative Ilhan Omar for downplaying the 9/11 attacks. Shapiro agreed that Omar had indeed minimized the seriousness of the 9/11 attacks , citing her history of joking about al Qaeda while also decrying America saying that it was founded on slavery and genocide. He also ripped the double standard of the Left, asserting, “ … to pretend that it is incitement when it’s stuff you don’t like and it’s not incitement when it’s stuff that you do seems pretty irresponsible at the mildest.”

Ingraham began by noting that Omar had said that criticism of her amounted to incitement of violence, which was a meme parroted by the media. She stated, “Ben, now, this isn’t about free speech; this is about downplaying one of the darkest days in our nation’s history. Your take?”

Shapiro responded:

That’s of course true, and she has a long history of not taking terrorism particularly seriously. In 2013, she did an interview in Minnesota in which she joked about people taking Al Qaeda and Hezbollah more seriously than they took America and England. And then in 2016, she wrote a letter in which she tried to have a judge be more lenient with people who tried to join ISIS, saying that of course these were people who only became violent because of American marginalization, and then in 2017, she wrote a column for Time magazine in which she suggested that America was rooted and founded on slavery and genocide and in order for us to not look that in the face, instead we focused on international terror. This is not someone who takes terrorism particularly seriously, and so I am bewildered as to why quoting her would constitute some form of violation of her personage, violation of free speech or something nonsensical like that.

Ingraham said, “Ben, just so people know what we are taking about here, I want to play that sound bite that you’re referencing, where she talks about the way people say ‘al Qaeda.’ Let’s watch.

Ingraham then played a video in which Omar is pictured saying, “When I was in college I took a terrorism class … every time the professor said ‘al Qaeda,’ he sort of , like, (raising her shoulders mockingly) his shoulders went up (laughing, raising her shoulders) ‘al Qaeda,’ ‘Hezbollah,’ … you don’t say (raising her shoulders) ‘America’ with the same sort of intensity; you don’t say (raising her shoulders) ‘England’ with an intensity; you don’t say (raising her shoulders) ‘the army’ (laughing) with intensity.”

Ingraham continued: “Ben, Pete Buttigieg: we talked about him earlier; he’s the new ‘star’ of the Democrat party; he’s edged out Beto O’Rourke and now he’s taken that spot in the spotlight; he talked today about the consequences of ‘otherizing’ people like her. I thought you’d love this: Let’s watch.”

The video showed Buttigieg intoning, “One of the worst things that’s happening now is otherizing people and if we’re wondering if this has real world consequences, look no further than what happened not long ago in New Zealand … Yes, by the way, the president demonizing Representative Omar is part of this; it’s dangerous and it’s gotta stop.”

Ingraham: “Otherizing.” Ben?

Shapiro replied:

Very odd, since Representative Omar has three times in the last three months been chided for openly anti-Semitic statements and then the Democratic party has defended her. I’m amused to watch the Democratic party suggest that criticism of Ilhan Omar amounts to “violent incitement,” where Representative Omar can say whatever Jew-hating thing she wants on a daily basis and that is not incitement. Now I agree it’s not incitement in either case, but to pretend that it is incitement when it’s stuff you don’t like and it’s not incitement when it’s stuff that you do seems pretty irresponsible at the mildest.

Video below:

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