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WATCH: Seth Meyers Mocks Trump, Likens Him To An Ape

On Monday, Seth Meyers mocked the matching hats Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe presented to President Trump over the weekend, likening Trump to a monkey who was learning sign language.

Meyers commenced his mean-spirited attack with this:

Trump’s trip got off to a rough start on Friday when he flew to Hawaii, which, of course, was the state where former President Obama was born. Trump’s motorcade was greeted with protesters lining the streets, reminding him of his past as a birther, with signs like this one that read: “Aloha POTUS, welcome to Kenya.” Solid burn. And the interesting thing about the word Aloha is that it means both hello and go f*** yourself.

Meyers then referenced Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s gift of a hat that read in gold writing, “Donald & Shinzo, Make Alliance Even Greater.”

Meyers commented, “Abe is a smart man. He figured out the only way to communicate effectively with Donald Trump is via hat.” He then donned a white hat with gold writing that said: “Resign Donald.”

Meyers continued, “Also the hat said, Donald & Shinzo, Make Alliance Even Greater’? That sounds like what you say to a monkey if you were teaching it sign language. Human and ape make friendship stronger!”

Then Meyers clarified that Trump might just be a combination of man and ape: “But whether Trump is the man in that exchange or the ape or more likely a combo of the two, his Asia trip will be focused in part on dealing with the threat of North Korea’s nuclear program, which has the region on edge.”

Video below:

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