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Watch As Rioter Tells Reporter: ‘Rich People, They Got All This Money… Don’t Give Us None’

In what seems to be endless amounts of insane footage coming out of the Milwaukee riots, one man does his best to explain why an entire community feels justified in burning down businesses, tearing down traffic lights, and beating down anyone who happens to have white skin in their vicinity.

The young African-American man explains to the local news, “It’s sad because you know, this what happened because they not helping the black community. Like, you know, the rich people, they got all this money, and they not like trying to give us none.”

And to add insult to the injury of “rich people” not giving out free cash, a black Milwaukee cop shot and killed a black gang member who, besides having a long rap sheet, ran from the scene of a traffic stop with a stolen gun that he refused to lay down. All of which lead to things like looting and burning down a BP gas station while chanting “Black Power!”:

And destroying this car in the name of “Black Power in this mother f–er, man!”:

Exit thoughts on “Riot Logic”: