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WATCH: Rick Wilson Threatens To ‘Gut’ Trump Defender ‘Like A Fish’ On Live TV

On CNN Thursday night, notoriously vile Republican strategist and diehard #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson threatened physical violence against a pro-Trump talk show host who defended the president’s “s***hole” comments.

Wilson berated talk show host John Fredericks for arguing that Trump’s comments were about economics, not race, telling him to not “bother calling yourself a conservative” because he wouldn’t agree with Wilson and host Don Lemon that Trump’s statement was “racist.”

Wilson told Fredericks that he should “go on Amazon, order yourself a pointy white hat, head down to Home Depot and get the wood to build a burning cross.”

“Well, it’s about economics, Rick. You can throw all the insults you want, and I appreciate it,” Fredericks replied, “but look, at the end of the day-“

“No, John. You don’t appreciate it,” Wilson said as he resorted to personal attacks. “You’re a weak, impotent person who can’t handle the fact that there are people who don’t look like you, who want to come to this country because our system is awesome. You hate that, you hate it so much, because you’re so weak inside.”

“That’s your substantive argument to me, Rick Wilson, who backed every losing candidate,” Fredericks fired back.

“John, I will gut you like a fish on this show if you want to keep this up,” Wilson threatened.


Vile Rick Wilson threatens man on CNN: “I will gut you like a fish”

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) January 12, 2018

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