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WATCH: Ric Grenell Targets LGBT Community: Trump ‘Most Pro-Gay President In American History. I Can Prove It.’
14 February 2020, Bavaria, Munich: Richard Grenell, Ambassador of the United States of America to Germany, speaks on the first day of the 56th Munich Security Conference. Grenell becomes the acting intelligence coordinator at the White House.
Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Log Cabin Republicans released a video of former Acting Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell in which he stated bluntly, “President Trump is the most pro-gay president in American history. I can prove it.”

Grenell began by immediately targeting former Vice President Joe Biden, as he stated, “My name is Ric Grenell. I’m America’s first openly gay cabinet member. As a United States senator, Joe Biden said gay people couldn’t receive security clearances because we would be a security risk. Joe must have been terrified when Donald Trump appointed me as Acting Director of National Intelligence. The fact that I’m gay didn’t even faze Donald Trump; Joe Biden certainly didn’t congratulate the appointment or even acknowledge it. But his silence was deafening.”

“President Trump has done more to advance the rights of gays and lesbians in three years than Joe Biden did in forty-plus years in Washington,” Grenell continued. “For four decades, Joe Biden has attacked the LGBT community; as a U.S. senator, Biden supported ‘Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell’ and the Defense of Marriage Act. Biden voted to cut off federal funds to any school that teaches acceptance of homosexuality. Biden said again and again that he was against marriage equality.”

The video showed Biden answering, “No,” when asked if he supported gay marriage, and another clip of Biden saying, “Marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Grenell, noting Biden’s history of taking whatever political position was convenient at the time, asserted, “And now, well, now that we’ve made progress, Joe Biden has changed his mind.”

“I know firsthand that President Trump is the strongest ally that gay Americans have ever had in the White House. Donald Trump is the first president in American history to be pro-gay marriage from his first day in office,” Grenell went on before pointing out the mistreatment of the LGBT community worldwide and Trump’s role in combating it.

President Trump knew I was gay when he appointed me to one of the most prestigious and powerful ambassadorships in the world. As Ambassador to Germany, President Trump fully supported our fight to crush the homophobic and barbaric Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah and the Iranian regime that supports them. While President Trump was denying the homophobic regime money, the Obama-Biden team was giving them billions of dollars. Joe Biden not only admits it, he says he’ll do it again if elected president.

President Trump began a historic campaign to decriminalize homosexuality around the globe at the United Nations, where he publicly challenged the 69 countries who make being gay a crime to change their laws. Gays and lesbians can be put to death in nine countries just for being who we are. So why did Joe Biden fail to make this issue a priority in his more than 40 years in Washington? He’s never answered this question.

Grenell segued to why the LGBT community should not bow to the demands of the leftists who demand their acquiescence: “This is why I believe we need President Trump in office for another four years, and I’m certainly not the only one. There are millions of patriotic gay Americans who are sick of being told to sit down and shut up by those who want to control us; those who are afraid of our voice; those who want to keep equality a partisan issue. They tell us our opinions don’t matter because we don’t subscribe to their groupthink. They try to bully us into silence, but in my experience, proud gay people don’t like to be silent. They like to be loud.”

“Yesterday’s champions of ‘diversity’ are today’s intolerants,” he stated.

Grenell concluded, “Well, I love this country and I’m not going to be silent. There are tens of thousands of gay conservatives just like me who also won’t be silent. Gay people don’t have to vote Democrat because Donald Trump is the most pro-gay president in American history.”

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