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WATCH: Playboy Model Claiming Trump Affair Disappoints CNN

On Thursday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper had an exclusive interview with former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims that she had a 10-month relationship with Donald Trump a decade before he became President.

CNN, which is always anxious to paint Trump in the worst possible light, most likely did not get quite the response they were looking for from McDougal. While affairs cannot and should not be ever cast in a positive light, it is worth noting that McDougal spoke highly about the way Trump treated her and her friends noticed the same thing.

Speaking of Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape, McDougal said, “I had not seen that in him at all… [that’s] not the man that I knew.” McDougal said that her friends would tell her how they were impressed with how respectful he was toward her when they were out in public.


On the issue of whether or not she is coming out to hurt Trump, McDougal said, “I voted for Donald. Why would I want to damage him? That’s my party, Republican Party. That’s my president. I did not want to damage him or hurt him in any way, shape, or form but I also didn’t want to put out the story because I didn’t want my reputation to be damaged.”

McDougal suggested that the reason she came forward is, according to her lawsuit, because she claims she was paid off to keep quiet and was given a “false promise to jumpstart her career as a health and fitness model.”


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