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WATCH: People Search Garbage Truck For Food In Socialist Venezuela

Starving Venezuelans rummaged through a trash truck this week in a search for food, following Venezuela’s collapse due to its socialist policies.

“Amid the increasingly dire situation in Venezuela, Univision’s left-leaning anchor Jorge Ramos traveled into the rapidly imploding socialist country for an interview Monday with dictator Nicolas Maduro,” The Daily Wire reported. “But after Ramos said he took the conversation in a direction Maduro didn’t appreciate, things quickly devolved, resulting in Ramos and his team having all their equipment confiscated and a frightening two-hour encounter with agents.”

In a video posted on the “Real American with Jorge Ramos” Facebook page, Ramos “said the last straw for Maduro was when the Mexican-American journalist held up his iPad and showed him footage he had filmed himself of three children on the streets of Venezuela rummaging through the back of a garbage truck for scraps of food,” Fox News reported.

“He just couldn’t stand it,” Ramos said. “He didn’t want to continue the interview. He tried to close my iPad. They confiscated all of our cameras, all our videos.”

“He didn’t like the things we were asking, about the lack of democracy in Venezuela, the torture of political prisoners, about the humanitarian crisis that they are living,” Ramos later told Univision. “I told Nicolas Maduro that millions of Venezuelans and many governments in the world do not consider him a legitimate president and they consider him to be a dictator.”


Just how bad is the situation inside the socialist nation?

Venezuelans on average have lost 24 lbs. in body weight and approximately almost 90% now live in poverty, according to Reuters, which also notes that “over 60 percent of Venezuelans surveyed said that during the previous three months they had woken up hungry because they did not have enough money to buy food.”

Venezuela’s economic collapse has led to unthinkable inflation rates, with the socialist nation’s consumer prices rising 1,300,000.00+% in 2018, Reuters reported.

“The Venezuelans are so desperate that some have taken to slaughtering flamingos and anteaters for food to eat,” The Daily Wire reported. “The study found 65% of respondents said their children skipped school because of food, some even taking their parents’ places in the long food lines.”

“Sometimes we only find the animal’s heads, guts and legs,” Robert Linares, a Maracaibo waste disposal worker who works in Venezuela. “We used to see this very little in the past, but this practice is now out of control and on the rise.”

Starvation due to the nation’s socialist policies has gotten so bad that reports have surfaced of people breaking into zoos to eat the animals since food is often not available in grocery stores. Inflation prices also make food so expensive that people cannot afford what they need.

“Zoo animals are being stolen from parks in western Venezuela and police believe they are being snatched to be eaten by the starving local population,” The Daily Mail reported. “A wave of animal thefts in the city of Maracaibo near the Colombian border — including tapirs and a buffalo — have been linked to the chronic food shortages in Venezuela.”

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