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WATCH: Pelosi Thanks Illegal Immigrants For Breaking The Law, Says U.S. Owes Them

When she took to the House floor on Wednesday for a filibuster-style speech, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thanked illegal aliens for having the “courage” to bring their children illegally into the United States.

During Pelosi’s remarks, she portrayed the parents of “Dreamers” as victims who have had to endure much “risk” to bring their families illegally into the country.

“I say to their parents: Thank you for bringing these Dreamers to America. We’re in your debt for the courage it took, for you to take the risk, physically, politically, in every way, to do so,” Pelosi said.


Nancy Pelosi Thanks Illegal Aliens For Breaking The Law, Says Americans Owe Them

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) February 7, 2018

The Democrats, who are threatening to shut down the government again if Republicans don’t give in to their demands on immigration, failed to solve America’s immigration problems with legislation when Pelosi was Speaker of the House and the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress as well as the White House from 2009 to 2011.

According to CSPAN, Pelosi’s speech “set the record for the longest-continuous speech in the House, going back at least to 1909.”

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