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WATCH: Pelosi Dodges Question On Virginia Governor Endorsing Infanticide

Speaker Nancy Pelosi dodged a question on Thursday about Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam endorsing infanticide during an interview this week.

Appearing Wednesday on WTOP’s “Ask The Governor,” Northam was asked if he supported legislation introduced by Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran — whose bill would allow abortions up to the moment of birth. Northam responded by stating:

This is why decisions such as this should be made by providers, physicians, and the mothers and fathers that are involved. When we talk about third-trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of the mother, with the consent of physicians, more than one physician by the way, and it’s done in cases where there may be severe deformities, there may be a fetus which is non-viable. So in this particular example, if the mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen, the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if this is what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physician and the mother.

During a press conference on Thursday, a reporter asked Pelosi about the comments and if they made it harder for alleged pro-life Democrats in the party to exist.

“Considering the comments from Governor Northam yesterday, how does that make it harder for pro-life Democrats in the party and does that cause problems?” the reporter asked.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t know what he said,” Pelosi responded.

After her response, Pelosi immediately called on another reporter.


Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro weighed in on Northam’s comments, writing:

This is pure infanticide. It’s also an argument for eugenic murder (see his comments about deformities). Northam is specifically talking about delivering an infant aliveand then asking the mother whether the infant should live or not. This is not an argument about the morning-after pill. It’s not an argument over whether a fetus feels pain. This is a statement that a fully-formed infant, born alive, ought to be murdered if the mother says the infant ought to be murdered…

…Northam excuses his evil by stating that men shouldn’t be making these decisions – as though having male genitalia excuses the moral fecklessness necessary to stand by and watch the killing of a newborn baby. But this is no excuse, obviously. The Democrats have decided that the era of safe, legal, and rare is over – the era of “Shout Your Abortion” is here. And if that means dehumanizing already-born children, so be it.

Simply put, the American people do not deserve the care of a benevolent God if they embrace such evil.

Northam responded to the outrage over his remarks by suggesting that he was a victim, tweeting: “I have devoted my life to caring for children and any insinuation otherwise is shameful and disgusting.”

Here are some of the notable responses to Northam’s tweet:

An analysis of the media coverage on Northam’s remarks revealed that leftist media outlets ignored the governor’s endorsement of infanticide.

“Just as the broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC did earlier in the evening, a NewsBusters analysis found that liberal cable networks CNN and MSNBC ignored Northam’s comments during their primetime programming,” NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck reported. “For this analysis, CNN and MSNBC shows from 7:00 p.m. Eastern to midnight Eastern were examined.”​

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