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WATCH: Parkland Anti-Gun Activist Launches New Attacks, Lies. CNN Does Nothing.

By  Ryan Saavedra

On Saturday, CNN’s “New Day” ran a segment featuring far-left activist Cameron Kasky’s reaction to President Donald Trump’s speech at the NRA convention in Dallas. CNN’s Christi Paul allowed Kasky to make a series of false statements and vicious attacks without offering any pushback or challenging him in any way.

“If you could sit down with the president this morning, what would you say to him?” co-host Paul asked Kasky.

“I don’t necessarily know,” Cameron Kasky “You see, he’s a professional liar who will say anything to appease whatever crowd he’s at.”

Kasky continued by comparing NRA members to people who participate in Comic-Con, a clear insult given the context of Kasky’s statement. Kasky also claimed, without evidence, that the NRA gives out free memberships to people “with the purchase of a handgun.”

“But the average members of the NRA, they don’t agree with Trump’s stance on guns,” Kasky misleadingly said. “This is all Trump just trying to appeal to a crowd of people who really, really, really like weapons that shoot bullets fast.”

After attacking Trump for having no “common sense,” Kasky blasted the work of lawmakers and conservative members of the community who helped pass the Stop School Violence Act, calling it “a bag of hot air.”

Paul asked Kasky what he thought about Trump’s comment at the NRA convention when he mockingly said that trucks and vans should be banned due to vehicle attacks.

“Well, you know, that’s an argument that I very often see from 12-year-olds in my comments section,” Kasky said, later adding that he thinks Trump is “childish garbage.”

A fact check of the statements made by Kasky is available below the video.


Kasky, who has a history of making false statements (examples available here, here, here, here, and here), made multiple false and misleading statements during his statement during his Saturday segment on CNN:

1. “The average members of the NRA, they don’t agree with Trump’s stance on guns.”

The intent behind Kasky’s comment was to portray Trump as having more extreme pro-gun views than NRA members, which is not true (though that’s not to say that NRA members all have extreme pro-gun views).

In the days following the Parkland shooting, Trump made a series of suggestions about gun control that many NRA members found alarming, including the idea of confiscating guns without due process which is a clear violation of Constitutional rights.

Kasky is most likely basing his comment off of the fact that roughly two-thirds of NRA members support background checks for purchasing firearms, something that Trump has also signaled support for.

Kasky’s assertion falls apart, though, when talking about universal background checks: the idea that all firearm purchases, including those conducted by private sellers, should include background checks.

The reason Kasky’s claim falls apart here is that well over half of NRA members do not support a national gun registry — something a universal background check system inadvertently creates (and is illegal under federal law).

2. Kasky continued to falsely suggest that the NRA was involved in banning guns during Donald Trump’s and Mike Pence’s speeches at its national convention.

Kasky said, “The hypocrisy is so blatant here and they’re just embracing it at this point.”

There is no hypocrisy; Kasky is looking to make as many attacks on the NRA as he can and the meme that he ignited last week — that the NRA banned guns during Trump’s and Pence’s speeches — has been thoroughly debunked. Furthermore, guns were actually allowed at the convention, just not in the areas where Trump and Pence spoke, per a directive from the United States Secret Service.

3. “The Stop School Violence Act is … a bag of hot air.”

Kasky continued his baseless attacks on legislation that actually helps to prevent school shootings because the measure in question does not give him the radical gun control that he desires.

The STOP School Violence Act provides school security grants from the Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance to state and local governments to provide the following on school grounds:

  • Placement and use of metal detectors and other deterrent measures, and emergency notification and response technologies.
  • Training to prevent student violence against others and themselves, including training for local law enforcement officers, school personnel, and students.
  • The development and operation of anonymous reporting systems for threats of school violence, including mobile applications, hotlines, and websites.
  • The development and operation of school threat assessment and intervention teams that may include coordination with law enforcement agencies and personnel, as well as specialized mental health training for school officials.
  • Coordination with local law enforcement.
  • Placement and use of metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures.
  • Security assessments.
  • Security training of personnel and students.
  • Subgrants to state or local law enforcement agencies, schools, school districts, nonprofit organizations, or Indian tribal organizations to implement awarded grants.
  • Acquisition and installation of technology that expedites notification to law enforcement agencies during an emergency.
  • Any other measure that, in the determination of the Director, may provide a significant improvement in security.

Kasky falsely claimed that the bill does not use the word “gun” a single time. In fact, the bill uses the term “firearm,” a legally recognizable term for gun, multiple times. Furthermore, the bill states that no grant funding can be used to provide firearms or firearms training.

4. Kasky says his dad owns firearms, just not the kind that can “mow down 17 people in six minutes.”

Kasky, whose dad admits on his own Twitter account that he owns handguns, claims that those guns are not and cannot be as deadly as the AR-15 that was used in the Parkland shooting.

The Virginia Tech massacre was committed using the same types of handguns that are in Kasky’s dad’s second tweet. That shooter killed 32 people over the course of several minutes, making the Virginia Tech massacre nearly twice as deadly as the one in Parkland.

5. Kasky suggests the CDC can’t research gun violence.

This is a lie.

Former President Barack Obama ordered the CDC to research gun violence in 2013, and they concluded that “self-defense can be an important crime deterrent.”

The CDC is prohibited by the Dickey Amendment of using funds “to advocate or promote gun control.”

Furthermore, reporters recently uncovered a cache of bombshell CDC surveys that deal a major blow to those who promote the idea of gun control.

6. Kasky falsely compares car registration to gun registration.

The ability to drive a vehicle is a privilege in the United States whereas the ability to “keep and bear arms” is a Constitutionally protected right.

7. After falsely comparing car registration to gun registration, Kasky then suggests comparing car violence to gun violence is not a valid argument.

“Trucks are made to transport things,” Kasky said. “Trucks are made to bring one thing from point A to point B and so on. Guns are made for one very specific thing and that is to put bullets in people.”

Kasky’s statement is overly simplistic, at best. Firearms can be used to hunt, for recreational enjoyment and for protecting families and loved ones — not necessarily for putting “bullets in people.”

The Daily Wire reached out to CNN and asked why the network continues to allow far-left activists to make false statements without any pushback or fact-check. CNN did not respond to this request, and has ignored multiple prior inquires on the same subject.

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