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WATCH: NJ Teacher ‘Greens’ Her Class By Wearing Same Dress 100 Days In A Row

By  Hank

A New Jersey art teacher determined to impart an environmental lesson to her students has chosen to wear the same dress for 100 school days.

Julia Mooney teaches at William W. Allen Middle School in Moorestown, near Philadelphia. She told WPVI that she wanted her students to learn about sustainability, asserting, “The fashion industry is a huge polluter. It’s very wasteful and for what? So we can look cool every day?”

So far, Mooney has gone seven days wearing the short-sleeved gray frock, which she washes. She has a second one as a backup and wears an apron over her outfit to keep it from getting stained.

Mooney said she will document her progress and give lessons about protecting the environment on her Instagram page.

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