WATCH: New Yorkers Find Out Exactly What It Takes To Make Tom Hanks Cuss In Public
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 25: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson attend The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images for Fashion Media)
David Livingston/Getty Images for Fashion Media

Actor Tom Hanks dropped an f-bomb on a fan who got a little too close to the superstar and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, as they were leaving a New York City restaurant.

Hanks and Wilson were leaving a Midtown, NYC restaurant when they were surrounded by fans hoping to nab a photo or say hello — but several of them got close enough that the actor and his wife got bumped and jostled as they made their way out the door, according to a video that circulated Thursday.

Several large men — who appeared to be providing security for the power couple — could be heard warning the gathering crowd to be careful of Hanks and Wilson. “How you doin’? Be careful, Tom,” one said. “Watch out, move, move,” another added.

Once on the street, however, one fan bumped into Wilson with enough force that he almost knocked her to the ground.


Wilson responded immediately, saying, “Whoa! Guys, stop it!”

Hanks reacted right away as well, turning to address the fans. “My wife!?” he shouted, clearly angry. Placing his hands on two of the men closest to him, Hanks pressed lightly on their chests to push them back slightly. “Back the f*** up!” he yelled at the group.

“What are y’all doin’?” one member of the security team asked as the fans stepped back.

“Knocking over my wife!?” Hanks continued to shout at them.

“Yeah, they’re buggin’, sorry about that,” the man said, attempting to turn Hanks toward the waiting car.

Others could be heard shouting, “Sorry about that, Tom,” as the actor walked away, allowing the security team to steer him toward the vehicle and away from the scene.

Most of the responses to Hanks’ behavior were positive.

Former NBC Executive Mike Sington called the actor’s response understandable, saying, “Tom Hanks momentarily, and understandably, loses his nice guy persona as over eager fans practically knock over his wife Rita Wilson.”

Another user added, “I don’t blame him … people are CRAZY and these days doing the most… don’t understand personal space and respect!”

“They earned that ‘Back the f*** off’ tbh,” cultural critic Mikki Kendall tweeted.

Boston 25 News employee Tim Martin referenced a Hanks “Saturday Night Live” character, adding, “Imagine having to go through the rest of your life knowing David S. Pumpkins yelled at you.”

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